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The 13's Jason, or so-called "Juuzou's Jason", is a rinkaku-type quinque made out of the kakuhou of Yakumo Oomori or Yamori. It has the shape of an L before making a very sharp tip at the end and looks very much like a scythe.


The 13's Jason only has one stage.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the Quinque.

Keybind Description GIF
Click You swing your quinque in a slashing motion from the upper right to the lower left of the player, dealing damage to anyone in front of you.
E You quickly twirl the scythe in a figure of eight motion before swinging the scythe behind your head, dealing damage to anyone caught in the blade.
R You position your quinque behind yourself for a split second before dashing forward and swinging the scythe, in a large arc, from behind the player to the front in an anti-clockwise motion.
F You dash forward, spinning twice and dealing damage all around the scythe's reach.
C It is 13's Jason's gimmick pull. You swing the scythe forward before stopping to let three tendrils stretch forward, grabbing the target, dealing damage and pulling them in.
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