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Arata is a series of auto-equipping quinque made from the kakuja of Arata Kirishima — the Corpse Collector.


This quinque enhances the user's physical abilities beyond those of a normal human, so they are able to keep up with SS-rated and SSS-rated Ghoul's, even just momentarily. Arata is the armor CCG players can put on by pressing 0. When equipping Arata, users will deal more damage and reduce the damage they receive. Users have a stamina bar which indicated the effects of Arata on the user's health. When the bar is above half, the user will continue to regenerate their health as normal. When the bar reaches half or goes below the half-way mark, the user will no longer regenerate health. When the stamina bar is empty, the user's health begins to drain by whatever percentage for their Arata type. It is important to keep an eye on the stamina bar when using Arata in battle. When a Arata is activated, Users cannot activate their Quinx's.

Purchasing a new set of Arata will not reset your RC Cells

Types of Arata

Name Description Health Drain Increases Damage


Reduces Damage


Price Passive Image
Proto-Arata A Standard armor. 0.5% per second 15% 15%

50,000,000 Yen

Proto-Arata B Full body armor. 1%

per second

20% 20%

100,000,000 Yen

Increases running speed by 25%
Proto-Arata II Full body armor, including a mask. 1%

per second

20% 20% 100,000,000 Yen Cannot lose more than 25% health in one event.
RobloxScreenShot20190304 185712111 (3).png
Shogun Arata Shogun-style armor with a helmet and mask.


per second

20% 10% 100,000,000 Yen Unbreakable block that reduces damage by 67%
Screenshot 12.png


  • Arata used to be purchased in pieces. Proto-Arata A is where every user started and each purchase would add a new piece of armor on, respectively becoming what is now Proto-Arata B and the final upgrade leading to Proto-Arata II.
  • Proto-Arata II and Proto-Arata B are both canon to Tokyo Ghoul. So far, Shogun Arata is the only original creation.
    • Proto-Arata B may be known as simply "proto" or "Arata β 0.8" canonically [1]
  • Arata has the same speed when you have it on or off unless Proto-Arata B is equipped in which case the user runs 25% faster.
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