• ObsSpke

    This has got to be the laziest strategy blog post I made lol

    Anyways, hello everybody, and today we are going to look at the starter quinque, C-Katana. Yes, it's very easy to counter and everything, but remember that this is kinda considered to be a joke and I made it because I was too tired and bored today. So, let's go:

    • Click: This attack has a low cooldown but its range is short and the attack speed isn't high. You can spam it when your opponent is stunned.
    • E: This move can deal high damage if all of the attacks are landed, but it makes you unable to run or dash. You can use it when your opponent is stunned or to keep your opponent away from you.
    • R: This move doesn't make you fast, and its hitbox is bad. It is recommended to use this move t…

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  • RobloxFan1289

    Takizawa is a really good kagune, along with its new two kakujas. Well, lets get right in and talk about some strategies for it.

    Taki1(Stage 1):

    Click: A fast, spammable slice. Not the best move to use in the midst of a PvP match, but if you stun your opponent with E, then you can attack with this quickly for a few seconds, but that is only recommended if your other moves are on cooldown.

    E: This move can be used in great combos with the R, F, and C. If use the E move, then the F to deal massive damage, a quick C, and an R, that would be a great combo. Becuase of the quick F, the opponent would take massive damage, they might be able to dodge the C, but then throw the R at them.

    R: It is fairly hard to dodge. This move can be used to puch peop…

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  • Vonwoenselgamer

    hello im --Vonwoenselgamer (talk) 12:14, March 6, 2019 (UTC) and today ill be teaching you some tactics to get expensive stages fast.

    tactic one: get some friends to attack eto, you need to be level 600+ to do this when eto is almost dead let them give you the kill. then join other servers and repeat the same you will get a high rc count asap!

    tactic two: this will take vvery very long, go to the triangle point and keep killing things til your fingers wont work anymore

    tactic three: get a private server and get at least 12 friend to join then let them constantly reset and mine the rc

    tactic four: use autoclicker this can get you to the top rank asap

    and that was all i hope it helped you!

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  • Vonwoenselgamer

    hey im --Vonwoenselgamer (talk) 15:18, March 4, 2019 (UTC) and today ill be giving you some usefull tips for figthing and surviving as a ghoul tip one: use dash. dash is a extremely usefull move and a real life saver. you can use it to dodge and do highspeed attacks! tip two: use click. even though click is not a really strong move it can be crucial in a battle tip three: if you have the centiped kakuja equip when you are about to kill someone if you equip it sooner the cooldowns will get longer tip four: dont steal kills. killstealing will result in people raging and killing you tip five: get a high rank. high ranked people will most likely scare attackers away so it can save you a fight and that was all i hope it helped!

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Start of 2019 Recap

    February 27, 2019 by Ox Rookbane

    It's been a couple of months since I've written an update news post and gave announcements on here. So, I decided to recap mostly the beginning of 2019 and perhaps the end of 2018. So, without further ado, let us begin.

    If you haven't already seen the dreadful banner issued by the FANDOM Staff when visiting any Wikia in the beginning of the year of 2019, you'll have noticed that every Wikia has now changed to a "" domain. is no different. Our link has now become Old links that still use the "" domain should still redirect to the proper place, but for future references and moving forward, please use "". We are unsure if they'll discontinue the redirects for such links.

    The homepage has been…

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  • ObsSpke

    Strategies about Kajiri

    February 19, 2019 by ObsSpke

    Hello everybody, and welcome to this new strategy blog post! Today, I will talk about Kajiri, the underrated quinque that is in fact a very strong one. Before starting, I want to tell you something: The creator of Ro-Ghoul, SushiWalrus, discovered and acknowledged this wikia! More informations on the discussions page, to go there, click here (That news motivaved me to make this strategy blog post)!

    Alright, back to what I said, let's start now!

    • Click: This move has a low cooldown, but its range is short. You can spam it when your opponent is stunned.
    • E: This long-range move damages in a straight line, but it is not easy for your opponent to dodge it. It is better to use it as a distraction to give yourself an opportunity to use the R or F mov…

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  • ObsSpke

    Strategies about Ginkui

    February 3, 2019 by ObsSpke

    Due to the lack of strategy blog posts here in the past times (Mostly about quinques), I will make one today.

    Hello everybody, and in this strategy blog post, I will talk about my favorite quinque which is Ginkui. Let's start:

    • Click: This move has a short range, but it is strong compared to most of other kagune/quinque click moves because it can be spammed. You can use it when your opponent is stunned.
    • E: This move makes you dash forwards fast, but it's straight and its range is not as long as expected. Like if you are using a sniper, if you think you are close enough to the opponent and he/she is in front of you, press this key ASAP and use this move. However, using this strategy needs good reflexes. If you are fighting against multiple enem…

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  • ObsSpke

    It's been a while since I didn't write a strategy blog post, I should start writing one again by starting with something special! Hello fellow wikia members, this strategy blog post will be special, because it's not about a kagune or a quinque, but it's about countering the strongest NPC in Ro-Ghoul, the boss Eto Yoshimura. Let's start now, shall we?

    • Click: Eto only uses this move when she has used all of her other abilities, but she will only do it when in close quarters. Keep a small distance between you and the boss and use long-range combos or moves. It is not recommended to counter this move with short-range combos.
    • E: The attack has a very long range, but its damage gets as weaker as further the enemy is. Also, Eto may damage herself w…

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  • RobloxFan1289

    Strategies about Tatara

    December 27, 2018 by RobloxFan1289

    Tatara is a very expensive kagune, and also has a very powerful kakuja, with 7.5m RC cells needed to use it, and a level requirement of 1000. This strategy will talk about using and countering the kagune. Let's get into it:

    • Click: The click move has a long range like its apparence shows. But while spamming or using it, you can't run nor dash and its cooldown is long compared to other kagune's click move. If possible, use this move when your opponent is stunned.
    • E: This move is the same as the E move expect it pushes around instead of pulling. It can be used in a combo where you use E first, then use F and after, you use the move to throw away your opponent, or it can be used when your opponent is sticking onto you and you want to throw him/h…

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  • Auxcite

    Strategies about Kosshi

    December 5, 2018 by Auxcite

    Hello fellow wiki users and welcome to the strategy blog on Kosshi. This also will be the last blog posted on Wednesday. This is a quite expensive kagune so only a few people have this however it is very powerful as a both long and close range kagune. Lets get right into the strategies:

    • Click: You slash your kagune in a diagonal motion. It is not recommended to use this in a intense battle however it is good to use to chip away at your opponents health when caught in a dodge or jump.
    • E: Your kagune fires a shotgun like blast that has a large spread. This move is great up close and from long range as the damage does not vary. When space is given between you and your opponent use this blast to occupy your opponent and this gives you a margin t…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Hello, everyone. Another news post is needed as we've been lacking one for a while now. Before we begin, I want to look over some statistics of our Wikia!

    • From Nov 21 - Nov 27th, earned a total of 6.5K views!
    • In that same timeframe, 199 edits were made.
    • The Codes page is still triumphant as the most-viewed page (minus the homepage) with 876 views!
    • Reputation places 2nd with 421 views.
    • It is also ComedyFury's birthday today! Happy birthday to one of our hard-working administrators!
    • Users Auxcite and KuruLaviet have been made Moderators. Congratulations!
    • The Wikia has a Discord now! Join the Wikia community here: invite link (Note: this is not a Discord affiliated with Ro-Ghoul the game but the )

    Now, let's get into the important business that needs…

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  • Auxcite

    Strategies about T-Human

    November 24, 2018 by Auxcite

    Hello there ladies and gentlemen, this blog will be on the quinque known as T-Human. Lets get straight into the stats.

    • Click: This is the quinques melee attack which has a short cooldown rate allowing for repeated attacks with this move. Although the blade may seem long on the end of the powered cannon, its range is that of a short-sword and should be used when the opposing enemy is stunned/paralyzed to get maximum amount of damage with swift clicks.
    • E: When executing this move, the powered cannon will shoot out a medium sized sphere that moves at a rapid pace dealing a fair amount of damage upon hitting the your opponent. Use a different move such as F to distract your opponent with dodging that attack and shoot the sphere at him. This atta…

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  • Auxcite

    Strategies about Takizawa

    November 13, 2018 by Auxcite

    Message from ComedyFury : This is the first strategy blog post made by someone else than an admin. So, from now on, you are allowed to make your own strategy blog post, only if you ask the permission to a bureaucrat, an admin or a mod first. Making a strategy blog post without asking the permission will be considered as a vandalism and will result in a warning. Sorry for interrupting, and enjoy this blog post!

    ComedyFury, Administrator of the 19:04, January 1, 2019 (UTC)

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the strategy blog on the overused kagune, Takizawa. Lets get right into the competetive stats:

    • Click: This move has a short range and a low rated cooldown. This is most effective when your opponent is paralyzed/stunned.
    • E: This attack makes you …

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  • ObsSpke

    Strategies about IXA

    November 2, 2018 by ObsSpke

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! This week, we will talk about my favorite quinque IXA. This quinque was considered as the strongest weapon for CCGs, famous people called it a demon's quinque. Because of the updates, this quinque's reputation decreased. Anyways, let's start with the wiki's strategy to use it and counter it :

    • Click: Because of IXA's spear appearence, this move has a pretty long range for short ranged mode quinques. But you can't run or dash while using it. If possible, use this move when your opponent is paralyzed.
    • E: This move doesn't let you move a lot. It makes you automatically move, stop, move, stop, move and stop, which makes it unable to dodge attacks using something else than dash. Use it when you think that you can easily…

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  • ObsSpke

    Strategies about Noro

    October 24, 2018 by ObsSpke

    Before starting, we would like to introduce our very first blog post including strategies : Noro. From now on, strategies won't be on pages but will be on a blog post. If you see a page with a strategy tab, don't delete it. It means that admins need it to create new strategy blog posts. Also, a strategy blog post will be made every 1 or 2 friday, and sometimes there won't be a blog post in a week, so it would be kind of you to be patient for weekly strategies. Let's start now with this strategy blog post, shall we?

    This week, we will be talking about strategies for and against our overused kagune, Noro. Here is the wiki's strategy about this kagune:

    • Click: This move doesn't have a very long range as you expect. It's range is smaller than Nis…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Amendments Have Been Made

    September 15, 2018 by Ox Rookbane

    As some may have noticed, amendments have been added to our "Manual of Style" and "Wikia Rules". Both of these amendments primarily affect Administrative users, so general users will not really need to know what has changed, but it is recommended that you still read them. The purpose of this announcement was:

    1. First, to alert the users affected by these amendments that there have been changes
    2. But importantly, to notify users of how the amendment policy will work.

    Instead of adding amendments straight into their respective categories on the pages, causing confusion and seemingly hiding them, amendments will be logged in their respective sections on such pages they apply to. Depending on certain changes or additions, there will be an announcement …

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Updating and Vandalism

    August 13, 2018 by Ox Rookbane

    Hey, gang! It's been a while since there's been another news post! Before I begin with the points I want to address, let's review the current stats of our Wiki:

    • Over the last 4 weeks, our most popular pages were:
      • Masks with 84 page views
      • IXA with 76 page views
      • and Tsukiyama with 65 page views.
    • As of this blog post, there are currently 616 edits total, 38 articles/pages, and 134 images on our Wiki
    • We currently have 6 registered users on our Wiki

    While our statistics may not be something to really boast, we are still seeing ideal visits and hits on our Wiki! Let's keep growing!

    As Ro-Ghoul prepares for a brand new map and potential easter eggs and new features to be teased, we need to start making some charges and being prepared. To begin with, the…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Starting the Wikia

    July 13, 2018 by Ox Rookbane

    Hello, everyone.

    With finally coming to life and with pages being added and created, I decided I must make things clear for those who've started working before the official "release" of the Wiki. Please, read this article to its entirety.

    I have officially created all the important pages that I have seen fit for the Wiki. However, some users have joined before I have had the time to finish most of them. Currently, the Manual of Style is still being developed and created, but that's okay. I now have Quinques and Kagunes finished. Those are the major parts of the Wiki. For now, I would only like users to create/edit Kagune and Quinque pages until based on the Manual of Style. Right now, these are the only pages I have a set-in-stone method for. …

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