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Bosses are special NPCs that are challenging and typically require a team of players in order to successfully fight the boss. Bosses differ from the traditional NPCs in a variety of ways, such as bosses not spawning normally as do regular NPCs, bosses being locked behind a level requirement, and bosses having unique appearances and moves. For successfully killing a boss, players can receive rewards such as Yen, RC Cells, Reputation points, and experience. Bosses has high defense. All players who contributed enough damage to a boss will receive equal rewards-- except for experience points, which scales depending on the amount of damage done. Bosses will stop chasing you if you go too far from them.

Each boss requires players to be of a certain level or higher in order to deal damage to the boss. Players below the required level will not deal any damage to the boss nor be attacked by the boss. Each boss has the required level in their entity name.

There are three tiers of bosses in Ro-Ghoul: Low-level boss, a medium-level boss, and a high-level boss. A boss of each tier can spawn on the map, providing players with 3 possible bosses to fight. However, two bosses of the same tier cannot spawn at once.

Low-Level Bosses

Low-level bosses provide a challenge for new players. Low-level bosses have a respawn timer of 2.5 minutes. (2 min 30 seconds)

Name Locations On-Kill Reward Additional Notes Requirements Image
Nishiki Nishio Mister's Warehouse Parking Lot, near the Kakuhou Surgeon, Cargo Yard, Park near Mister's Warehouse, in the Parking Lots near Anteiku. 5,000 EXP, 100,000 Yen, 2,500 Reputation, 50,000 RC Cells Collecting the corpse reduces respawn time by 15 seconds. Collecting the corpse gives no exp or RC. unless you have Hideyoshi or Tsukiyama on your roster. Player level must be 250 or higher Nishiki Nishio.png

Medium-Level Bosses

Medium-level bosses provide a challenge for semi-experienced players. Medium-level bosses have a respawn timer of 5.0 minutes. (5 min)

Name Locations On-Kill Reward Additional Notes Requirements Image
Koutarou Amon Mister's Warehouse Parking Lot, near the Kakuhou Surgeon, Cargo Yard, Park near Mister's Warehouse, in the Parking Lots near Anteiku. 12,500 EXP, 500K Yen, 5,000 Reputation, 125,000 RC Cells When the boss falls at or below 50% of their health, the boss changes modes, but does less damage.

(This occasionally glitches, and does not switch modes even he is at or below 50% of his health)

Player level must be 750 or higher

High-Level Bosses

High-level bosses are a huge challenge for the most experienced and strategic players. High-level bosses require several experienced and strategic players to have a chance to inflict any heavy damage. Not for the faint of heart.

Name Locations On-Kill Reward Additional Notes Requirements Spawn Time Image
Eto Yoshimura Mister's Warehouse Parking Lot, near the Kakuhou Surgeon, Cargo Yard, Park near Mister's Warehouse, in the Parking Lots near Anteiku. 1,500,000 Yen, 375,000 RC Cells, 25,000 EXP, 10,000 Reputation When dead, this bosses corpse does not stay, instead it explodes. Eto also may not shoot shards. Player level must be 1250 or higher 7.5 minutes New Etoboss.png
Gyakusatsu The Storefront Gya-Sacs rewarded based on Contribution The boss has two phases and can spawn hostile NPCs to assist it. More information at page Gyakusatsu Player must be Level 1250 or higher 15.0 minutes Gyakusatsu2.png


  • During Winter of 2018, Eto Yoshimura wore a Santa hat on her head.
  • The introduction of the Nishiki Nishio boss brought a rework to the boss system. Previously, only one boss existed and there were no tiers regarding difficulties.
  • Originally, the Eto Yoshimura boss could be attacked at level 750+ and had a 30 minute respawn timer.
    • Eto has since been rebalanced. Eto Yoshimura had a level requirement of 750 and lesser rewards.
    • Eto has then again been reworked to support the new boss system. Most recently, she has a level requirement of 1250+ to support the introduction of the Amon boss, and her rewards have increased again.
  • Koutarou Amon is the first and only non-ghoul boss in Ro-Ghoul.
  • Gyakusatsu is the most unique boss currently in Ro-Ghoul.
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