• CCG Lab
  • CCG Lab, closer view
  • CCG Lab, side view
  • Room 1 view
  • Quinque & Arata Station
  • Room 2 view
  • Kouitsu
  • CCG Lab, Elevator
  • Floor 2, "Quinx Room"
  • CCG Lab, Quinx Machine

The CCG Lab is a laboratory located in the High City. It is shown with a dark-gray color and a CCG logo above the entrance. Upon entering, players will enter into a large room with quinque steel reserves to the left and three tables lined up on the wall to the right. In this room, CCG players can change their Quinque at the center table or upgrade their Arata at the NPC. Going through the door on the right will lead players into another room. This second room has more tables and a few more reserves of quinque steel. In the far left corner of the first room, players can use the elevator to go up a floor to a new room. The room is rather empty except for what is simply dubbed the "Quinx Machine" or "Surgery Table" by players. Here, players can access a menu and choose to purchase a Quinx to use alongside their quinques.

NPCs that spawn nearby: Human, Athlete, Rank 2 Investigator, Rank 1 Investigator, First Class Investigator

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