• CCG Tower
  • CCG Tower, first-floor view
  • CCG Tower, first-floor closer view
  • Yoshitoki
  • CCG Tower, second-floor corridor view
  • CCG Tower, second-floor meeting room view
  • CCG Tower, third-floor view
  • CCG Tower, third-floor platform view
  • CCG Tower, fourth-floor view
The CCG Tower is a tall structure located in the high city. It is also the highest tower in the map of Ro-Ghoul. The tower is located in front of a number of tall buildings.


The CCG tower is white and blue with the logo of CCG on it. It has 4 floors:

  1. The first floor is the entrance floor, where CCG members can cash out their Reputation points, gain assignments from a harmless NPC named Yoshitoki and/or train with the trainer Kureo Mado.
  2. The second floor is a meeting room containing a round table with computers.
  3. The third floor is a dark gray floor and contains the announcement room, where there are lines CCGs step on and a platform where the high rank announces, with a CCG logo behind the platform.
  4. The fourth floor is an empty, white floor with a black carpet.

Spawning NPC s: Rank 2 Investigator, Rank 1 Investigator, First Class Investigator

Easter Egg


Canada Flag

On the second floor, there is a Canada flag under a table. It is unknown if it is has a meaning or it is just added randomly. It might be related to Alex (SushiWalrus) location, as he is from Canada.
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