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The cargo base is a huge complex located in the Small City, between the Parking Lots and the train tracks.


The cargo base consists of a black building, which doesn't have an accessible entrance, and a large number of cargo crates outside. This location is the only zone where every NPCs spawns, so it can be considered as a grinding zone.

People also use the containers as a way to do parkour and a way to get onto nearby rooftops.

Spawning NPCs : Human, Athlete, Low Rank Aogiri Member, Mid Rank Aogiri Member, High Rank Aogiri Member, Rank 2 Investigator, Rank 1 Investigator, First Class Investigator, bob

Easter Egg

Trash bags in the Cargo Base

Between the trash cans, you can see bin bags where there are also old models of Ro-Ghoul on them. On the trash bags, there is a building from the old map of the game and the old version of the mask called White Rabbit, which looks bulkier compared to the current mask.

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