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They are surgically implanted kakuhou that gives a CCG investigator a kagune that they can release. It also gives the person a single kakugan, which is the eyes of ghouls. The Quinx was first shown in the show upon the release of Tokyo Ghoul:re. They were a special unit of CCG that was part ghoul but still human to a degree. It also hinted at that most CCG are prejudice towards them for being part-ghoul. There are different Frame levels you can select from the bottom-left of your screen. Quinx is an ability, meaning it is an extra move rather than a weapon with a move set. To activate a Quinx move, you need to buy one and press G to activate it. Upon activating, you will also be given a small health boost. You cannot activate a quinx if you are wearing Arata, however.


  • In the manga, technically, all Quinx start out at Frame 2 (40% kakukou output), not Frame 1. This is why Frame 1 may feel underwhelming.
  • Sometimes, when under extreme stress and pressure, a Quinx can "frame out" (as dubbed by the CCG), meaning the frame that contains their kakukou breaks and their bloodstream is flooded with RC, putting them above the limit to be a Ghoul. When this occurs, they are considered an S-Rated Ghoul and are to be killed.
Purchasing a Quinx kakukou will NOT reset your RC, contrary to purchasing a new Kagune/Quinque.

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