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Clipped Wing is an Ukaku-type quinque, made from Touka Kirishima's kakuhou. It can be seen as one of the starter quinques available in Ro-Ghoul. It has a similar design as Eyepatch as both quinques have a circular handle the user holds. However, Clipped Wing features wings instead of tentacles. The wings are capable of crystallizing and uncrystallizing, just like Touka's kagune.


The Clipped Wing has only 1 stage, but it has 2 "modes". The modes refer to the quinque's move set when it is crystallized and the move set when it is uncrystallied.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque.

Keybind Description GIF
  • Uncrystallized: The user performs a quick cut with the quinque
  • Crystallized: The user will fire a cluster of shards from the quinque that travel a small distance, dealing less damage than the uncrystallized click. The shards will fire on the right-side of the user.



E The user will crystallize the quinque if it was not previously crystallized and will proceed to fire a volley of shards forward that travel a medium distance at an exceptional velocity. The volley is positioned in the center of the user. The quinque will remain crystallized after this move until changed by the user.
CW e.gif
R The user makes a small lunge forward to slash at an enemy.
CW r.gif
F The user jumps forward a medium distance and thrusts the quinque forward in an attempt to stab anything in front of them.
CW f.gif
C The user can crystallize or uncrystallize the quinque at will. Using this move will activate the form not currently active.
CW c.gif
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