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Demon Yamada is a quinque made from Demon Yamada's-- known as the Investigator Killer's-- kakuhou[1]. The kakuhou it was made from is a bikaku.


Demon Yamada only has one stage.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque. It is that of a giant cleaver-like sword that glows while you use it.

Keybind Description GIF
Click You slash your opponent(s) with a slight delay. It glows whenever the ability is used.
Deya click
E You lunge forward. Does slightly more than clicking.
Deya e
R You lunge & Chop forward. Does more than clicking.
Deya r
F You spin and chop with the blade. This is the same as 13's Jason's F ability. It also has a huge hitbox. Does significantly more than clicking, E and R.
Deya f
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