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Doujima is Amon Koutarou's quinque. Its first stage was broken in a duel between Amon and Kaneki and later repaired and upgraded by the use of the Bin Brothers' kakukous, becoming what is considered in-game as Stage 2. It is that of a large, two-handed club and later becoming a lance which is somehow handled with one hand.


  • Doujima is one of the oldest quinques in the game
  • Like 13's Jason, Doujima used to be a low-tier quinque until it was reworked.
    • Doujima was reworked on the 8th of September 2019, with later buffs on the 6th of June 2020.
    • It previously cost 1,000,000 Yen and Stage 2 previously cost 1,000,000 RC Cells
  • Doujima is the only rework that was never announced until it was released


Doujima has two stages in-game.

Stage 1

Doujima is a koukaku quinque that takes the form of a club with a big handle suited for two-handed users. This is the first model of Doujima before it was first broken.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user swings the quinque that scales in damage and increases by 0.05 damage per player hit and can infinitely stack. The stacks reset when you unequip the quinque or die.
E The user performs a short dash forward which hits and knocks back opponents in their path.
R The user does a massive swing that does large knockback.
F The user leaps forward while slamming the ground with the quinque, dealing AoE damage.
C The quinque is empowered and the attack speed is increased temporarily.

Stage 2

Doujima's Stage 2 changes the shape of the quinque, taking the form of a spear with a conical lance-like head. It is very versatile and allows for quick movement and engagements. Previously, Stage 2 was held with both hands and had a handle guard. Now, it is wielded with one hand and no longer has the handle guard. This form is the repaired and upgraded version with the use of the Bin Brothers' kakukous.

  • Passive: When using Arata, attack speed is increased by 150% and cool-downs only 66% of the normal cooldown time (34% reduction).
  • Requirements : 5,000,000 (5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user slashes or stabs their foe. If Arata is equipped, this move is performed faster.
E The user spins the quinque around and ends with a slash. If Arata is equipped, this move is performed faster.
R The user jabs the pointed end forward, inflicting bleed damage upon hitting a player. If Arata is equipped, a successful hit on a valid target will heal the user.
F The user attacks while performing 2 small dashes with 1 large one at the end. If Arata is equipped, a successful hit on a valid target will heal the user.


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