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Eto is an ukaku kagune that is considered one of the strongest Kagunes in the manga and anime. It takes the form of a wing with a scimitar-shaped blade extending from the left shoulder in its first and original form. In later forms, these blades get significantly larger. The kagune later develops into a monstrous, body-enveloping kakuja[1].


  • This is one of the few kagunes that were revamped alongside Tsukiyama, Kaneki, Hinami, Yamori and Tatara
  • During the Winter of 2018, Eto's Complete Kakuja wore a Santa hat.


Eto's Kagune has 4 stages. Stage 1 is the base form, Stage 2 is the first Kakuja, Stage 3 is the second kakuja, and Stage 4 is the improved version of the complete kakuja, or the third kakuja.

Stage 1

This is the first stage of the kagune. It takes the form of a medium-sized Kagune blade protruding from the left shoulder and a Ukaku wing on the right shoulder. This stage uses your primary color for the base of the kagune and the secondary color for the outline.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user uses the blade to slash in front of them, dealing damage in a small area directly in front of them.
E The user expands their Ukaku wing and shoots out a stream of shards. The shards fire more centered from the user instead of the wing.
R A medium ranged dash that damages all targets caught within range.
F The user expands their Ukaku wing, shooting a powerful wave of shards around them in a conical shape with gaps between each cluster of projectiles.

Stage 2

The user takes on a large, humanoid form with four large blades coming out from the back accompanied by 9 Ukaku spikes and with two arms ending in a three-fingered hand. The user also has a unique Kakuja mask, with one perfectly circular eye on the right side and three dashes on the left. The user's hair is kept when using this Kakuja. The legs and feet resemble Tatara's, with them ballooning as they reach the ground and ending in feet with two appendages similar to claws. To compensate for the bigger hitbox, the user gets a dash buff.

  • Requirements : 7,500,000 (7.5M) RC Cells & Level 1000 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q The user slashes in front of them with their Kagune blades and hands.
E The user collects their RC cells into the Ukaku feathers and release a barrage of shards, echoing the previous stage of Eto. The user is completely immobile during the barrage, although damage inflicted to the user is reduced by 66%.
R The user charges forward, slashing with their right spiked and then their left. The user can control the direction they move in using the movement keys (WASD).
F This move stuns entities The user leaps up into the air and slams down onto the ground. If an enemy is caught in the slam, they are stunned for 1 second and take damage. When the move is active, the user is invulnerable to most attacks. However, the user is still susceptible to interrupting attacks. The user can control the direction they slam down in by using the WASD keys or through aiming with shift-lock.
C The user prepares three charges of a defensive ability that works as an automatic defense. When the user is struck by an enemy, a quick burst of shards is released at them. The number of charges is displayed as rings that circle around the player's body. Using this move again will refresh the charges back to three, though it has a global cooldown to avoid spam.

Stage 3

The user transforms into a massive monster with the unique One-Eyed Owl Kakuja mask and 2 massive blades on each side. The user also has 13 Ukaku spikes protruding from their back. The massive size of the kakuja correlates to a larger hitbox. While using this stage, the user runs 210% faster than normal while also getting a slight jump boost. However, the user is unable to dash. A special feature exclusive to this state and kagune is known as "Obsession": the user will get access to an exclusive menu called the "Obsession Menu" where the user can mark an enemy and get buffs to the E and the R skill when the user attacks their marked target. When the user marks a target, their kakuja opens its mouth and shows its tongue

  • Requirements : 10,000,000 (10M) RC Cells & Level 1000 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user swings their arm at a fast rate, alternating between arms.
E The user ducks down slightly and releases multiple waves of shards which are capable of inflicting high damage. The user is unable to move for the duration of the move but gains a 75% damage reduction. The speed of the shards will increase when the user is looking at a target they marked with their obsession.
R The user dashes forward as they slash with the blades on the left side first and then the right side. It can be used as a short-range dodge. When looking at an enemy marked by the user's obsession, the distance of the dash is increased.
F This move stuns entities This move requires the user to be mid-air. The user smashes the ground dealing damage depending on the distance you travel before landing while also stunning enemies if they land above them (doesn't stun if the user only releases one Ukaku shard upon landing). They will also fire a wave of shards. The number of shards depends on the distance traveled.
C This move has a charging period The user will prepare for 0.75 seconds and do a massive jump. This move is typically used to gain altitude and then use the F special. This move has a long cooldown. If the user is stunned while preparing or collides with a wall, the jump is cancelled and the cooldown is reduced.
Obsession Menu (no keybind) A menu in which the user can select a target to "obsess" over. The user can select 1 user to mark. When looking at the marked user, the E skill and R skill receive buffs. When a user is marked, the same eye that opens the menu appears above the marked user

Stage 4

The 4th and final stage of the kagune uses a pure white color instead of the user's personal colors. Its appearance is close to that of a crustacean although it possesses eight limbs. The forward legs extend out the furthest, the middle legs being similar to the back in being very broad and thick, the final two in the rear are similar to the middle but are more bone-like. Its torso has an appearance of a partially-exposed rib cage with the kakuja's "flesh" appearing to be more taught. The back also is similar to the front as the spine and back of the rib-like structure are visible. From the back protrudes four symmetrical horn-like growths. Its texture around its entire body is similar to the interior sections of the Tsukiyama kagune. The arms end in two pincers similar to that of a crab or lobster. The head is similar to that of Eto’s Stage 3 kakuja with the exception of lacking a tongue and having sharper, more pronounced teeth.

  • Passive:
    • Mass Movement - Move at 166% the normal speed. Jumping automatically dashes forward. Aiming up with the camera allows you to go upwards. The user is unable to dash normally.
    • Fury - Passively reduce damage by 25%. The user gains fury when hit by enemies. The amount gained scales with the amount of damage received.
  • Requirements : 10,000,000 (10M) RC Cells & Level 1000 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user swings each arm, attacking things in front of the user at mid speed
E This move has a charging period The user charges up while still being able to move, increasing their speed by 200%, then launching a pulse of shards when the charging is complete. When full Fury, your speed increases by 250% instead of 200% and the user fires more shards.
R The user charges forward twice, smacking opponents away. When the user is at full Fury, they will dash 33% further.
F The user slams their pincers down onto the ground, causing a shock wave that knocks back opponents in range a long distance and does high damage. When the user is at full Fury, the radius of the shock wave is increased by 50%.
C The user fires a massive, highly-condensed RC beam after a 2 second charge up which will consume all of their fury. The user must have full Fury to use this move. This deals a massive amount of damage
Block (T) The user puts their arms up to defend themselves as if a normal block. However, the user is able to move about 25% slower than the normal walkspeed and increasing their fury armor by 50%. IF the user is at full Fury, their fury armor will increase by 67% instead.



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