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Eyepatch is a rinkaku quinque based on Ken Kaneki's kakuhou. Eyepatch is overall a close-range Quinque. The quinque itself appears as two handguards with rinkaku tendrils growing out of it. The rinkaku tendrils are tipped with a spike at the end.


  • The name "Eyepatch" comes from the CCG's code name for Ken Kaneki.
  • The quinque was reworked on May 1st, 2021. Its rework redesigned the quinque and removed the second stage. Sub-bullets to this bullet point will relate to the previous form of Eyepatch.
    • The quinque may draw inspiration from a certain quinque Kureo Mado used[1] in Episode 6, Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul[2]
    • The tentacles on this quinque resembles the old model of Ken Kaneki, rather than the new one.


The Eyepatch quinque has only 1 stage

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque.

  • Passive:
    • +25% Dash distance and +25% dash speed.
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user rapidly slashes at a target in front of them.
ReEyepatch Click.gif
E The user performs a quick forward strike with the quinque. The move is aimed in the direction the user's camera is facing.
ReEyepatch E.gif
R This move has a charging period This move stuns entities The user begins an interruptible, 0.3 second long charge up, then launches forward by using the quinque tendrils, kneeing a target in front of them. Hitting a valid entity with this move knocks them back and stuns them for 0.4 seconds. The move travels in the direction the user's camera is facing.
ReEyepatch R.gif
F The user uses the right-hand quinque to launch the tendril at a target in front of them. If the move hits a target, the user will pull themselves and the target closer to themselves and will stab the target with the left-hand quinque, stunning the target for 0.5 seconds. If the move misses a target, then nothing will happen. This move travels in the direction the user's camera is facing.
ReEyepatch F.gif



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