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A ghoul is a carnivorous and cannibalistic species that are only able to feed on human and ghoul flesh[1]. Other than their mentation, internal physiology and diet, they are identical to humans in every way, from personality to appearance. In Ro-Ghoul, the ghoul is a playable faction that players can choose and create a save on. They have a red color for their rank, which is a system used by the CCG and a red tone to the User Interface (UI).


To protect themselves, ghouls have an organ holding RC Cells called a Kakuhou. This organ can be activated to release a biological weapon called Kagune[2]. If a ghoul eats a corpse, they will absorb the collected corpse's RC Cells, making their kagune strong and in some cases, evolve. Some Kagunes can evolve into a much stronger version called a kakuja if they have enough RC cells.


A Kakuja is a mutated Kagune that covers all or parts of the User's body. It is usually obtained through repeatedly cannibalizing other Ghouls and taking their RC cells (Ghouls have higher RC cell levels than humans, making them a prime target for others ghouls). Kakujas offer a ghoul incredible offensive and defensive capabilities, however, an incomplete Kakuja will more than often overwhelm the Ghoul's mind and drive them insane for as long as they keep it active[3]. On the other hand, Ghouls with a complete kakuja will have complete control over their kakuja, thus keeping their sanity.

See page Kakuja for more information.


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Ghouls have the ability to activate a Special move to assist them in combat. It functions similarly to the CCG's Quinx ability as it is a single move that can be used and upgraded. Specials focus on utilizing a ghoul's RC cells to deal damage or disrupt their opponents.


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