Ginkui is an SS-Rate quinque made from the kakuhou of Noro which is able to unleash giant tentacles with enormous mouths at its end. The quinque itself is a simple katana with a hand guard at the top of the handle. Energy waves through the blade. The quinque belongs to Kuki Urie[1].


  • This quinque is the third most expensive quinque.
  • This quinque is one of the few non-original creation quinques that have a kagune alternatives, the others being SSS Owl and 13's Jason.


Ginkui only has one stage.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user slashes their enemy with the quinque.
E The user dashes forward, thrusting Ginkui for a stab. If the user manages to skewer an entity, numerous Noro tentacles will pierce through them and exit out of their back. This will also damage any entity in a certain range of where the tentacles come out the back. If the move misses an entity, the user will only dash forward.
R The user thrusts Ginkui into the ground. If an entity is within range, a Noro kagune will reach out, immobilize and disrupt the enemy, then bring them to the quinque's user. This move can work on multiple entities at once. If no entity is in range, the move does nothing.
F The user throws Ginkui forward in the direction they are facing. If you manage to hit an entity, the impact of the sword will cause damage. The sword will then explode, causing Noro tentacles to tear through the opponent. If any other entities are in range, they'll be damaged by the explosion. If the user misses, they will be unable to use their quinque again for 3 seconds.
C The user launches a giant Noro kakuhou in the air that lands and explodes when you press the key bind again.


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