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Higher Mind is a ukaku-class quinque utilized by Mougan Tanakamaru that shoots blasts of highly concentrated energy, or compressed RC Cells[1]. It appears as two large cannons with a grip in between the cannons, making the quinque look almost like the letter "C" in the alphabet.


  • The quinque is supposed to be connected to a briefcase as the briefcase serves as its power supply. However, in Ro-Ghoul, the quinque stands alone without the power supply briefcase. Because of this, the quinque should not function unless used in the canonical "close distance mode" (not in Ro-Ghoul) as the close distance mode does not use much energy [2].
  • The quinque's "F" move or Special 3 is very similar to T-Human's "F" move or Special 3, though Higher Mind does not have a similar feature of utilizing "Charges" to enhance the power of the move.


Higher Mind has one stage.

Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user swings Higher Mind at a moderate speed left and right and occasionally jabs at a target with the cannons. 0.2 seconds
HigherMind Click.gif
E The user "unfolds" the quinque into a straight bar for an interruptible charging sequence for 0.5 seconds in the direction their camera is facing. If completed, the user will return the quinque to its normal position to unleash the energy charged, discharging it a short distance in front of the user and launching the user backwards a short distance. Targets hit by the move will be knocked back a long distance. 3 seconds
HigherMind E.gif
R The user "unfolds" the quinque into a straight bar for an interruptible charging sequence for 0.3 seconds in the direction their camera is facing. If completed, the user will dash forwards a large distance and swing the charged end in front of them. If the move hits a target, the target will be launched backwards a far distance. Successful hits with this move resets the cooldown of the "F" move. 2 seconds
HigherMind R.gif
F The user grabs hold of the quinque with both hands for an uninterupptible charging sequence for 0.4 seconds. After the charge is completed, the user will discharge a massive blast of energy in front of them that travels a far distance, hitting any and all targets caught in the blast. 2.5 seconds. Resettable by successful hits with R/Special 2
HigherMind F.gif


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