IXA is Kishou Arima's koukaku-type quinque [1]. It has two modes: Lance Mode and Gimmick Mode. Design-wise it is shaped like a lance adorned with details near the hilt and the pommel ends in a sharp point. In gimmick mode, the blade shrinks down to a small stub that uses ranged attacks instead of melee attacks but these still do significant amounts of damage as the cluster of range attacks can overwhelm a close-ranged fighter. In Defense mode, IXA will unfurl into a shield with extensions, not unlike the petals of a flower in front of the player.


  • It shares the same price as Kaika.
  • This Quinque was one of the game-changing weapons alongside the Eto kagune released prior to the first release of it's Kakuja and creation of the boss.
  • This is the first quinque to have a requirement of RC Cells and a level for the other mode.
  • The requirement for Gimmick Mode serves a secondary function of preventing lower leveled users from lagging a server as Gimmick mode is very bulky visually.


  • Block: IXA's block is more durable than other quinques and can be held indefinitely without the block expiring. Longer-ranged attacks are strongly or even completely negated with blocking, inflicting little to no damage on the wielder.


The IXA only has one stage but has two modes.

Lance Mode

It focuses on close combat and melee combat.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user stabs their enemy twice with their quinque (Ignores damage reduction).
E The user dashes forward in the direction of their cursor whilst stabbing. Hitting a valid entity will temporarily blind them.
R The user moves forward while dashing and stabbing at an extremely fast pace. During this, the user is invulnerable to damage. Hitting a valid entity/entities will temporarily blind them.
F The user stabs their quinque into the ground, summoning several spiked tendrils around you and creating a huge area of effect. Hitting a valid entity will damage and stun them.
C The user's quinque's lance disappears and turns into Gimmick Mode.

Gimmick Mode

Gimmick mode focuses on ranged attacks.

  • Requirements: 7,500,000 (7.5M) RC Cells and Level 1500 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user summons several small spiked tendrils in front of them or at their cursor.
E The user shoots several long-ranged spiked-tendrils in front of them toward their cursor, which forms a wall that damages and stuns enemies when they touch it. It lasts for 5 seconds. People who touch it while it's still there will take damage and get stunned too.
R The user summons a tall sharp tendril to where their cursor is pointed at, then 2 rows of tendrils are sprouted consecutively from the ground which aims automatically, tracking the nearest target within range.
F The user's quinque summons a long-ranged sharp tendril to where their cursor is pointed at, stabbing their opponent.
C The user's quinque turns into Lance Mode.


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