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Kaika is an OC quinque that was published during the Halloween season of 2018 like its sibling, Kosshi. Instead of being a seasonal item, Kaika is a permanent addition to the CCG's arsenal in Ro-Ghoul. It is a one-handed weapon that focuses on ranged tactics with a unique move set that is capable of disrupting enemies. With each stage it takes a unique design while still remaining to be wielded with one hand.


  • "Kaika" means "blooming" in Japanese.
  • Inspiration for the quinque's first stage was from pumpkins.
  • Kaika is one of the few quinques requiring RC Cells to be upgraded, along with DoujimaIXA and Eyepatch.


There are two stages to Kaika.

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage of this quinque. It appears to look similar to a pumpkin on the outside when closed. When it is open, there are medium-sized, oval-like seeds and a central orb in the center. The range from this quinque comes from the rinkaku tendrils reaching out instead of a traditional projectile an ukaku may create.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The quinque opens up and multiple tendrils launch out in a shotgun-like manner, extending outwards to a decent distance to deal damage.
E The quinque opens up and launched multiple tendrils outwards a medium distance, puncturing anything in its way. While the tendrils stray apart mid-way through traveling, the tendrils mostly meet up at the end.
R The quinque deploys a small, circular, spiked mine on the ground close to the user. When an entity is steps too close to the mine, it detonates and inflicts damage to whoever is nearby when it detonates. This attack can deal a small amount of damage if the mine is deployed and makes a direct imapct with an entity.
F The quinque opens up and fires a beam that travels a long distance. If it hits a valid entity, the beam will grab the entity and drag them back to the quinque user while also doing considerable damage.

Stage 2

Stage 2 of Kaika appears to be more of a glove that wraps around the arm than the pumpkin appearance in stage 1. The model fits with the arm-type of the "1.0" avatar package on ROBLOX. This stage focuses more on disrupting with its abilities than doing direct DPS (damage per second).

  • Passive:
    • Energy Bar: The quinque features an energy bar that displays how much energy the quinque has. The amount of energy determines the strength of the Click move. The energy bar will fill up passively.
  • Requirements: 10,000,000 (10M) RC Cells/Level 1500 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click Fires a blast of energy where user's cursor is aiming. The strength and range of the move is determined by the energy bar. A full energy bar grants the maximum damage and range output. Using this move consumes the entirety of the energy bar.
E The quinque pulses and refills the energy bar to its entirety.
Yeah no
R The quinque deploys two mines where the user's cursor is aiming with an appearance of a small energy field on the ground. The mines have a tiny distance between each other. When an entity is close by, the mines will detonate and deal damage to anything caught in the blast.
F The user summons an orb that will grab players but not NPCs. If the orb treavels too far from the user, it will return to the user's direction. When idle, the orb will pass through the user. It cannot travel through walls or other solid objects. This orb will remain active until the user presses F again to deactivate it, or it is forced out of range.
C Pressing C controls the orb summoned with the F special. When the user presses C, the orb will travel in the direction their cursor is aimed at. The user must press C each time they wish to change directions.
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