Kaika is an OC Quinque specially made for Halloween along with Kosshi.


  • "Kaika" means "blooming" in Japanese.
  • This quinque's inspiration was from pumpkins.
  • Kaika is one of the few quinques requiring RC Cells to be upgraded, along with Doujima and Eyepatch.


There are two stages to Kaika.

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage of this quinque. It takes the form of a circular object that looks like a flower with six thin petals when it is open. When it is open there are medium-sized, oval-like seeds and a central orb in the center. Kaika is the first rinkaku quinque that can be used in short and long-range and has the ability to place traps.

Keybind Description GIF
Click Your Quinque shoots several spikes in front of you in a short-range, shotgun-like blast.
E Your Quinque shoots several tendrils fairly far in front of you, dealing high damage.
R Your Quinque shoots a small circular spiked mine on the ground in a short-range attack that explodes when it is near a player. This attack deals a small amount of damage upon hitting a player.
F Your Quinque shoots a long-ranged laser that pulls your opponent in front of you and dealing a medium amount of damage.

Stage 2

This stage is the second stage of the Quinque. It takes the form of an organic-looking, gauntlet-shaped blaster. The shape also resembling the box limbs of the 1.0 model most players use. It is able to place mines/traps like the first stage but can also summon orbs to grab opponents and drag them into danger.

  • Passive:
    • Energy Bar: Energy bar that gets consumed in exchange for empowering the "Click" move. (Low power in the energy bar = low power in the "Click" attack etc.)
  • Requirements: 10,000,000 (10M) RC Cells/Level 1500 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click Fires a projectile which is enhanced by a bar of energy located at the bottom right of the screen. Higher energy increases the size and damage of the projectile, and lower energy in the bar will produce a weaker attack.
E Refills the energy bar.
Yeah no
R Lay 2 mines/traps. Similar to stage 1's R. These will detonate when in close proximity of another player.
F Summon an orb that will grab players (Not NPCs). If the orb goes too far away from the user, it will head back to the user's direction. When idle, the orb will pass through the user. It cannot pass through walls.

This orb will remain active until you press F again to deactivate it, or it gets caught on a wall and is forced out of range.

C Control the summoned orb, making it move in the desired direction based on your mouse/cursor which can be used to pull foes into a field of mines or allies if the user desires.
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