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Kajiri is a Ukaku-type Quinque resembling a drill that wraps around the user's arm. It was used by Chuu Hachikawa[1] in both the anime and manga. It would be destroyed during the Owl Supression Operation, then repaired for use again, only to be destroyed once more and for the final time. Kajiri is most similar to T-Human in it focusing entirely on a ranged moveset with the only difference being that it has no melee potential.


  • Kajiri is the only "end-game" quinque to not have a C Special.
  • It's the fourth quinque that possess lightning or electric sound effects, while the others are T-Human, Narukami and Kaika.
  • Despite how the projectiles appear and travel, they do not behave exactly as they're depicted.
    • Kajiri's Click tends to have the projectiles originate a few studs in front of the user, but the move will still hit entities behind it if they are in front of the user
    • Kajiri's F move visibly has more range than the move actually does. The last few projectiles in the line do not deal any damage despite coming into contact with an entity. This only applies to Bosses, not normal NPCs


Kajiri only has one stage.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the Quinque. It is shaped like a drill and wraps around the user's arm. The quinque fires shards of quinque steel at enemies. Kajiri finds its strength in ranged combat while suffering fatally when the fight comes into melee range.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user fires 3 clusters of shards in the form of a wave in front of them. If the projectiles hit a Shock Pad, the Shock Pad will activate. Despite the projectile appearing some distance in front of the user, any entity in point-blank range will still be hit.
ReKajiri Click.gif
E The user fire 3 consecutive clusters of shards in a straight line while also being propelled backwards. If the projectiles hit a Shock Pad, the Shock Pad will activate. Entities hit by this move are also propelled backwards a small distance.
ReKajiri E.gif
R The user deploys a Shock Pad in the direction they are facing, placing it at a medium distance from themselves. Placing a Shock Pad directly on top of an entity does not deal any damage to them. Entities walking over the shockpad will not be damaged. The user must activate the Shock Pad by using the Click or E move. Upon activation, the Shock Pad creates a field of electricity, constantly dealing damage to any entities inside of it. Shock Pads can be deployed further if the user jumps then presses the hotkey.

Placement of the Shock Pad

Activation of the Shock Pad

F Upon holding the F key, the user will become stationary and begin a launching a barrage of shards in a straight line in the direction the user is facing. The user can use the WASD keys or mouse to turn and aim the move in a different direction. If the user is hit by a stun or interrupt, the move will be canceled and the cooldown will begin. The user can activate and deactivate this move with little penalty from the cooldown.

If an entity is right behind the user while this move is active, they will still take damage despite not being hit by any of the projectiles. Be mindful that the move visiblely has long range, but the projectiles deal no damage after a certain range. This applies only to Bosses and not to NPCs.

ReKajiri F.gif


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