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Kakujira is a kagune based off of "Godzilla", a fictional monster (or kaiju) that originates from Japanese films. The kagune appears very similarly to the appearance of the sampled media, turning the user into a giant sea monster or lizard.


  • The kagune has the most expensive robux price out of all weapons in-game with a whopping price of 1000 robux, making it the most expensive kagune to date.
  • The name "Kakujira" is an original name for the kakuhou to avoid copyright issues that would be related to naming it "Godzilla". The name may have partially derived from the word "Kakuja" and the Japanese name of Godzilla, Gojira (ゴジラ).
  • Kakujira is the third item in-game based on other real-life media alongside the "Spiked Edgelord" mask (based off of Wrench from the video game Watch Dogs 2), the Purged Liberty mask (Based off of the Lady Liberty mask from Purge: Election Year) and the "Headband" mask (based on the headbands from the anime and manga series Naruto)
  • Kakujira is the tallest kagune/kakuja in the game as of current, putting Eto's third kakuja at the second tallest in the game.
  • The second stage, the kakuja, has the most passives out of all weapons in-game as of current, making it a formidable kakuja when acquired.
  • When activating the second stage will it look like as the user gets eaten by the kakuja. When deactivating it will it look like as the user gets spitten out.


There are 2 stages featured for Kakujira; being Jira1 (Kagune) and JiraK1 (Complete Kakuja).

Stage 1

Stage 1 takes the form of a large reptilian tail that grows out from the user's tailbone area. The first thing you'll see from this kagune is the reptilian tail that sprouts from the location of a bikaku; the tail is adorned with a singular set of spines that branch forth in both directions slightly that run down from the near tip of the tail, to the users upper back. The second feature of this kagune is located on the users head itself, on the head of the user are clusters of spikes that are close to ears in appearance, but upon closer look, is actually a cluster of spikes.

Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user performs a basic whip with their tail in front of them, alternating from the left or right 0.1 seconds Jira1click.gif
E The user performs a quick spin with their tail in the direction their camera is facing, dealing a medium amount of damage to those caught in it's effect, knocking enemies back slightly as well. 1.0 second Jira1e.gif
R The user does a backflip with their tail, knocking enemies back and upwards when hit. 2.5 seconds Jira1r.gif
F The user charges begins charging for 2 seconds (the user is not immobilized; the user may freely move around and attack), then afterwards, the user unleashes a small plasma breath that will stun and push back enemies hit, during the breath during it's true use, the user is immobilized for a short period while firing. If the user is hit while the attack is performing (not the charge sequence), the move may be interrupted. Alternatively Blocking can Postpone the attack for as long as it is held down. This attack does lots of damage. 5.0 seconds Jira1f.gif

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the kakuja of Kakujira. The user takes on a substantially tall dinosaur/reptilian like creature, the appearance of which is similar to the infamous and famous movie monster Godzilla, king of monsters. The kakuja is monstrous in both size and appearance, the spine of this kakuja is covered in protruding spines similar to the first stage, but more spread out in direction and amount. The kakuja's main appearance is that of a reptile, with two arms seem almost like that of a tyrannosaurs rex's, the spine of this kakuja glows after the user uses their special, slowly growing more apparent with each use. For apperance of colors, the kakuja uses the primary for the majority of the body, the secondary used in the purple glow of the spines, with the eyes, attacks, and claws of the kakuja.

  • Passives:
    • Insanity: The user's camera will constantly violently shake, this effect is not as violent as the insanity seen in Takizawa or Kaneki's second kakuja.
    • Immobile: Despite the name of the passive, the user will run twice as fast as normal sprint speed, but the user cannot dash. The cooldown for jumping increases. Jumping power is slightly increased.
    • Kaiju Resistance: The user permanently has an "anti-grab" perk due to the sheer size and weight of the kakuja. However, moves can still be interrupted.
    • Kakuja Armor: The user receives a passive, permanent 33% damage reduction bonus. The user's block is also replaced with an infinite block that increases the damage reduction to 75%.
    • Plasma Breath Charges: Certain moves like Click and C generate charges for "Plasma Breath". These charges are used to activate Special 3/F move.

Requirements: 20,000,000 RC Cells & Level 1000+

Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user attacks with a variation of three types: A slash with the right arm, a slash with the left arm, and a bite with their mouth. If the user lands a move with the bite variation of the attack, the user is healed for 3.3% of their maximum health per each target hit with the bite. The bite will also generate 1 charge for Plasma Breath per player target hit. 0.1 seconds; 0.5 seconds for bite Kakujirak1click.gif
E The user will charge forwards with their body low to the ground, trampling and shoving every target caught in the user's path. Despite the mouth being open during this, no charges or heal is acquired from it. The move can be interrupted by enemies 2 seconds Kakujirak1e.gif
R The user performs an interruptible 0.5 second charge-up, then the user roars, affecting a massive area around the user. Targets caught in range of the roar will be stunned for 2.0 seconds. The roar itself lasts for 1.5 seconds. 8.0 seconds Kakujirak1r.gif
F If the user has 6 Plasma Breath Charges, then the user will engage into a 4.0 second charge time (the user is not immobilized; the user may freely move around and attack). After the charge time, the user will unleash a massive, very powerful plasma breath that stuns and pushes back targets caught in the blast. The attack itself can be interrupted.

Alternatively Blocking can Postpone the attack for as long as it is held down.

Plasma Breath Charge mechanic Kakujirak1f.gif
C The user opens a portal in the ground and enters it after a 1.0 second dive animation which can be interrupted. Once completed, the user will become untargetable and will be able to move around freely on the X and Z axis for up to 2.0 seconds. You can end this ability faster by hitting a wall. Afterwards, the user will re-emerge from a new portal and will gain 1 Plasma Breath charge. 6.0 seconds Jirak1c.gif
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