Kaneki is one of the starter kagunes players can get in Ro-Ghoul. Kaneki is strictly for close range combat, doing high damage close to the enemy. There are 6 stages for Kaneki, two being incomplete kakuja stages and the final being a modified version of the kagune. The original owner of the kagune used to be Rize until the steel beam incident, where Ken Kaneki was mortally wounded and received an organ transplant from Rize, which included the kakuhous.


  • The kagune has the most variations and evolutions not only in-game for Ro-Ghoul, but in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.
  • The Aogiri NPCs in-game also possess the kagune, too.


There are 6 stages to Kaneki.

Stage 1

Stage 1 includes 3 Rinkaku tentacles. They are versatile, flexible and quick. They are covered in scales and sport a faint neon outline glow that uses the secondary color of the user for the outline and the veins that run across certain parts of the tentacles.

Keybind Description GIF
Click You alternate between attacking with each Rinkaku tentacle, slashing at the target in front of you. Fast clicking allows for fast standard attacks.
E You perform a flurry of attacks with your Rinkakus tentacle.
R You take your Rinkaku tentacles and curl them towards your body before lashing them outwards. This attack knocks back enemies.
F You jump upwards and use all three of your Rinkaku tentacles to slam down in front of you.

Stage 2

Stage 2 adds another Rinkaku tentacle, making a total of 4. The tentacles are well-rounded, end in a point, and move rather fluidly. Interestingly enough, Stage 2's E, R and F, all have the same dash range. This kagune is similar to the first stage as it sports the same glow, scales, and veins. The difference being the number of tentacles and their length.

  • Requirements: 10,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click You use a random Rinkaku tentacle to viciously slash a target. The attack is very quick, but deals reduced damage.
E You do a short dash forward. During the dash, you slash with the right-hand Rinkakus, then at the end, you slash with the Left.
R You coil all 4 Rinkakus along the left side of your body, then dash forward, spinning and using the gained momentum to spin your Rinkakus back around and bludgeon the enemy.
F You leap high into the air, slamming down with all 4 Rinkakus. This may be a reference to Kaneki's fight with Yamori.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is being reworked. It is intended to be a slimmer, faster version of Stage 2. As of now, it is a smaller and thinner version of Stage 2.

  • Requirements: 50,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click You jab in front of you with your right-hand and upper left Rinkaku, then your left-hand and upper right Rinkaku. Very short range.
E You wildly stab in front of you with your Rinkakus. This attack used to slow the user, however that has since been removed.
R You jab into your opponent then swipe your Rinkaku tentacles away, knocking enemies back.
F You jump up in the air and do a flip as you spin your kagune around, creating a shock wave that damages enemies. The animation is different.

Stage 4 Stage 4 is the first form of Kaneki's kakuja. It is an incomplete form. The cooldowns of this kagune's moves get longer and longer the more you have it active. Your screen starts to shake, and your run animation changes. In this state, your screen shakes and flickers as your kakuja is incomplete. This kakuja takes on the appearance of a long centipede tail with sharpened protrusions on each section adorning it and ending in an arrowhead tip.

  • Cooldown Increase (Stage 4): While using the 4th stage, the cooldowns of the moves get longer and longer the more you have it active.
  • Requirements: 750,000 (750k) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click You swing the centipede tail first one the right side then on the left side. It has a large hitbox and deals a lot of damage.
E You smash the kakuja in front of you, dealing high damage. It's got a high hitbox which allows it to have a good splash range.
R You coil the kakuja, then uncoil it, hitting nearby players or NPCs, making good damage and throwing them really far away.
F You jump in the air and dash forwards while slamming your tail into the ground, similar to the E move. It deals massive damage and has a large hitbox.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the second stage of the Kakuja, still being incomplete (according to the manga). This stage takes on his two kakujas, the dual centipedes (a little bit smaller than KenK1), alongside his rinkaku kagunes (four tentacles). When activating this stage, names, words, and phrases appear and disappear on screen constantly, such as "JASON", "INSIDE", and "1,000 MINUS 7", the reason this happens is all significant to the anime and the original wielder of this kagune, Ken Kaneki, and in the game it is known as "Kakuja Insanity", you can reduce this effect with trainers. Activating it gives the user a kakuja mask.

  • Requirements: 5,000,000 (5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click Your stab your enemy with your kakuja, alternating between the two centipede tails. The cooldown is very low which means it is possible to utilize this in combat.
E You extend your kakuja and dash forward and attack your opponent.
R You spin and throw away your enemy.
F You use your 4 kagune tails to lift yourself up, then quickly spin around mid-air, Causing your 2 centipede tails to slam on the ground creating a shock wave that does good damage.

Stage 6

Stage 6 of the Kaneki kagune is one exclusive to the ":re" arc. Instead of being a Kakuja, this stage is "post-Kakuja kagune", being a change of form after his Kakuja. This takes on the appearance of a "spider" as some call it or a 6-legged creature. It uses the boney leg like limbs to navigate throughout the map. This Kagune stage does not require a minimum level. This has a pulsating sort of effect with the veins on it, showing and then vanishing from time to time.

  • Requirements: 7,500,000 (7.5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q You stab in front of you with your middle set of kagune limbs, alternating between each side. Has a low cooldown.
E You blink forwards, trampling your enemy with extreme speed. This move deals a lot of damage.
R You leap forward quickly and slam with the front and middle set of kagune limbs, dealing considerable damage over a wide area. The R cannot be aimed, with the slam going only in the direction the player dashed in.
F You jump up into the air and quickly slam directly below you with all your kagune limbs, causing extreme damage. This move renders the player unforgettable with the caveat that they cannot move in any direction.
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