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Kaneki is one of the kagunes players can get in Ro-Ghoul. Kaneki is built specifically for close-range combat. There are six stages for Kaneki, two being incomplete kakuja stages and the final being a modified version of the kagune. The original owner of the kagune was Rize Kamishiro, until the steel beam incident occurred[1]; where Ken Kaneki was mortally wounded, and thus received an organ transplant from Rize, which included the kakuhous[2], kicking off the series.


  • The kagune has the most evolutions; not only in-game for Ro-Ghoul, but in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.
  • The ghoul NPCs use the former Kaneki stages.
  • Stage 2's "F" move may be a reference to Kaneki's finishing move performed in the final episode of season 1 of the anime.


There are six stages to the kagune.

Stage 1

Stage 1 features three Rinkaku tentacles. They are versatile, flexible, and quick. They are covered in scales and sport a faint neon outline glow that uses the secondary color of the user for the outline and the veins that run across certain parts of the tentacles.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user's kagune slashes with a random rinkaku tentacle.
E The user performs a flurry of 4 quick stabs with the rinkaku tendrils.
R The user curls the rinkaku tentacles toward their body before lashing them outwards. This attack knocks back anything caught.
F The user does a small and rapid jump upwards and slams the tendrils into the ground. This move severely slows down the user, though they can still control their character while airborne.

Stage 2

Stage 2 adds another rinkaku tentacle, making a total of four. The tentacles are curved, end in a point, and move rather fluidly. This kagune is similar to the first stage as it sports the same glow, scales, and veins, the only difference being the number of tentacles and their length.

  • Requirements: 10,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user alternates between the four tendrils and stabs in front of them rapidly.
E The user dashes forward while slashing with the right side tentacles, then finishes at the end of the dash with another stab with the left side tentacles. If the hit surpasses the move's range, it passes through valid entities. However, if the move is a direct hit as in the first dash makes contact (the only dash) all valid entities are knocked back and take a second tick of damage.
R The user coils all four Rinkaku tentacles along the left side of their body, then dashes forward, spinning and using the gained momentum to unfurl the tentacles back around and bludgeoning a target in front of them. This knocks the target back.
F The user leaps high into the air, performing a flip and slamming down with all four tendrils. The user can control the direction of the slam with the WASD keys, though this is strictly limited to four directions.

Stage 3

Stage 3 features four Rinkaku tentacles just like Stage 2, but the tentacles are longer and slimmer.

  • Requirements: 100,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user uses all four tentacles to stab the space in front of them, stunning any targets hit.
E The user unlimitedly barrages with their tentacles, dealing low damage per hit. This attack can be held as long as you want to.
R The user first moves to grab their enemy, then makes another dash.
F The user performs a small but long jump that continues forward, doing AoE damage below them.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the first form of Kaneki's kakuja, though incomplete. The cooldowns for each special increase the longer the kakuja is active. The user's screen will begin to shake. This kakuja takes on the appearance of a long centipede-like tail adorned with sharp protrusions resembling centipede legs and terminating in a blunt, shovel-shaped tip. Unlike other Kakuja's, this stage has no mask.

  • Requirements: 750,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user stabs in front of them, alternating between the left and right side.
E The user smashes the kagune into the ground in front of them.
R The user coils the kakuja, then uncoils it, thrashing the tail outwards. Any valid entities hit are knocked away from the user.
F The user jumps in the air and dashes forwards while striking below them with their kakuja.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the second stage of the kakuja, still being incomplete. It is a combination of old stage 3's four rinkaku tentacles and stage 4's centipede tail. The user's kakuja manifests itself as four rinkaku tentacles with two centipede limbs protruding out to their side (although smaller than stage 4). The user has a kakuja mask that appears to hide the left eye but leaves the right eye visible. It has a single giant pitch-black eye in it and is shaped similar to an owl with a beak-like protrusion. While this stage is active, the user will dash further. Like in Stage 4, the user's screen will begin to shake and the user will experience hallucinations and manifestations of the memories of Ken Kaneki-- the previous "owner". Using this kakuja grants the user a slight dash speed and dash distance buff

  • Requirements: 5,000,000 (5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user rapidly stabs in front of them with the centipede-like limbs.
E The user dashes forward and strikes with every rinkaku tentacle and centipede limb, puncturing a target in front of them, and when hit inflicts a bleeding effect. This is currently broken and while the user still strikes forward, they do not dash.
R The user spins counterclockwise and whips their centipede-like limbs away from them, knocking away entities in range.
F The user uses their 4 rinkaku tendrils to lift themselves off the ground and spin mid-air, slamming their 2 centipede-like limbs into the ground, creating a shock wave, stunning for 1 second.

Stage 6

Stage 6 of the kagune is different from all other stages. Instead of being a kakuja, it is instead a new form and manifestation of his kagune after his centipede kakujas (PKKen = "Post-Kakuja Ken"). It features six long, thin, and rigid limbs with three on each side of the user. The front and back limbs are used to maneuver, whereas the middle two limbs are poised behind the shoulder. Occasionally, veins will glow or pulse on the limbs before fading back out, only to pulse into existence again. The appearance is similar to arachnids, despite the fact that the class has eight legs and not six. Using this stage grants the user a further enhanced dash speed and distance buff

  • Requirements: 7,500,000 (7.5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q The user stabs in front of them with their middle set of limbs, alternating between each side.
E The user leaps forward while thrusting with their front limbs, damaging any entity caught in the dash.
R The user leaps forward quickly and slams the right-side limbs down, dealing damage and stunning the enemy for 1 second.
F The user jumps up into the air and travels forward a medium distance before quickly slamming directly below them with all their kagune limbs, creating a shockwave. The player can control where they travel when airborne. They cannot be targeted but are still subject to crowd control abilities. Despite the appearance of the ability the player's hitboxes and collision detection never leave the ground.



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