Kosshi is an OC Kagune specially made for Halloween. Its owner is Kosshi, an OC character who isn't from Tokyo Ghoul canon. The Kagune's structure resembles spinal vertebrae with a single set of ribs on each segment.


  • "Kosshi" (骨子) is one of the words for "bone" in Japanese.
    • "Kosshi" itself is in romaji, which is the romanization of Japanese by the use of Latin script to write the Japanese language.
  • The Kagune's inspiration comes from human skeletons.
  • This is the only kagune in the game that's not a full kakuja, but also has a level requirement.


There are currently two stages for Kosshi.

Stage 1

This stage takes the form of 9 spinal vertebrae that each have a single set of short, curved ribs. The vertebrae start from the base of the neck and curve over the user's right shoulder, supported by the user's right hand. The vertebrae cross the torso diagonally and attach to the right hand, where a crown-shaped cannon made out of melded unidentifiable bones rests. Interestingly, the entire Kagune is not joined in any way, instead, a thick mist slowly flows along the length of the latter. Otherwise, the bones all seemingly float. 

Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q The user bludgeons their opponent with the cannon.
E The user shoots several bones from their kagune like a shotgun. This attack is great at both long and close ranges, but it's easier to hit at a close range allowing for more damage. 
R The user shoots what appears to be a partial ribcage from your kagune. Upon reaching an enemy, the eight ribs will close on the enemy, stunning them for about a second. This attack travels very fast.
F The user shoots 2 circular saws made of bone from their kagune that turn and come back to you like a boomerang, dealing the same damage when thrown and returning to the user. The saw's hitbox allows it to hit enemies positioned between the saws.
C The user creates three spike waves in front of themself, traveling forwards and outwards. The first wave is composed of eight bony spikes, the second and third have twelve. 

Stage 2

Stage 2 of Kosshi is a Kakuja form. It gives the user a menacing Kakuja mask and 8 rib-like growths on their chest with a complement of Ukaku spikes on your back. The kagune consists of 4 spindly, jointed limbs, each made up of a winding, helical amalgamation of bone, and sinewy kagune matter until they end as in cannons similar to Kosshi's first form, but with a smaller, spiky crown-like structure inside. The cannon assemblies spin slowly, with the lower set, around the user's pelvis, spinning towards each other, and the upper set, located over the user's shoulders, spinning away from each other, almost like a rotary cannon.

  • Requirements: 12.5M RC & Level 1500
Keybind Description GIF
Click/Q Launch 5 bone shards in a cone. Very similar to Kosshi's E.
E The user's cannons produce two, clockwise-spinning spiked rings that rapidly fire out spinning 8-toothed, saw-like bone projectiles with perfect accuracy. This move has a very long range and can easily overwhelm foes, but is susceptible to stuns. It also allows the user to hit their enemy from very far away if they are keeping their distance easily.
R Shoot forward a large ribcage-like structure to trap enemies for about 2 seconds. Much larger hitbox than it's predecessor.
F The user fires 5 huge spinning saw-like blades a great distance. The first, third, and fifth blades will rebound and return to you, while the second and fourth blades continue forwards.
C The user fires out a messy wave of spiky bone that rushes along the ground, expanding in a conical area.
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