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Kura is a koukaku-type quinque that resembles a quarterstaff with a blade at its end. It is also possible to use this weapon dual-wielded. It is shaped like a large oar in Broadsword mode, with a spot in the center that glows. In Dual wield mode it is a pair of swords with their interiors glowing like the dot in the middle of the quinque in Broadsword mode.


  • Kura was formerly owned by Kureo Mado[1] until his untimely death. In his will, the quinque was then given to Koutarou Amon[2].
  • Kura is the first quinque ever to be revamped.


There is only 1 stage to Kura, but it has 2 different modes.

Broadsword mode

This mode allows slower, but more damaging attacks. It also makes the user slower because of its weight.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user slashes their enemy with the quinque.
E The user hits their enemy with the quinque. If the attack hits a stunned target, the cooldown is halved and the damage is slightly increased.
R The user charges their opponent, stunning on a successful hit.
F The user slashes their enemy with the quinque. If someone is hit with the spin cleave, the user jumps into a downwards slash.
C The quinque turns into Dual sword mode.

Dual sword mode

This mode slashes the user's enemy and is lighter than the broadsword mode, making the user faster but because it is smaller than the other mode, it gives the user a smaller hitbox. It also reduces overall damage a bit more but sacrifices it for speedy attacks.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user slashes their enemies with their quinques.
E The user dashes forward, slashing their enemy with their quinques.
R The user spins around themself and slashes the air with their quinque, creating a shock wave around the user and dealing damage to enemies around them.
F This is a long-range move. The user slashes in the air with their quinque in an X shape, then the user delivers a cross chop attack in the air in long-range, dealing damage at their enemy. If the attack lands, the E cooldown gets reset.
C Your quinque turns into Broadsword mode.


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