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Lycan is an original creation (OC) kagune added to Ro-Ghoul during the Halloween of 2020. The kagune has two stages, with its kakuja being one of the most unique kakujas in-game. Its kakuja is that of a werewolf.


  • "Lycan" is an abbreviation from the word "Lycanthrope", meaning "...a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf... either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction..." [1].
    • The design and concept of the kagune is based off of lycanthropy.
  • It is the only Koukaku kagune which possesses a Kakuja.
  • This is the second holiday-based kagune released, the other being Kosshi (another Halloween release).
    • Lycan is not a limited-time kagune, similar to Kosshi. It is permanently in the store.
  • The anti-grab passive for the second stage of Lycan was removed from the game on November 3, 2021.


Lycan features 2 stages: Stage 1 is the normal kagune and Stage 2 is the complete kakuja.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is a pair of two massive, four-fingered hands that sprout from the user's shoulders. Each arm is extended by a large, blade-like protrusion and the hands terminate in black claws. Extra growths on the shoulder and neck are tipped with spikes.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user alternates between hands to swipe at enemies in front of them.
Lycan S1 click.gif
E The user dashes forward and slashes with their claws starting with the right one, projecting large claw-like marks in the air. This move has two charges with no cooldown in-between.
Lycan S1 move 1.gif
RThis move stuns entities The user lunges forward in front of them, swiping downwards and projecting a sharp, canine upper jaw which bites . This move passes through enemies, who will be stunned momentarily. The user is healed for 4% of their health on hit.
Lycan S1 move 2.gif
F The user dashes forward, opening their arms wide. On, they will grab it, rapidly slash the enemy, and hurl them away.
Lycan S1 move 3.gif

Stage 2

Stage 2 of Lycan is the kakuja. The user will leap into the air, flip, then transform into a werewolf with what appears to be crude plate armour held with straps, roughly covering their torso and limbs. This is the smallest body-enveloping Kakuja, with it's quadrupedal stance being shorter than a player.

  • Passives:
    • Wolves' Hide: The user has armor that offers a 33% damage reduction. When Lycan is hit with a grab move, the armour is destroyed. Blocking is unbreakable and does not expire, reducing damage by 67%, even if this passive isn't active.
    • Wild Haste: When the user is standing get his speed improved to 1.75x, and will massively increase jump height. If is in "Hunt Mode", the user's speed is improved by 3x instead 1.75x, but the height of his jump is lowered. Both standing and "Hunt Mode" are unable to dash due to their , already, great mobility.
  • Requirement: 10,000,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user cleaves in front of them with both claws, using the same projection found on Lycan S1's E.
Lycan K1 click.gif
E The user dashes forward and slashes in front of them with one of their clawed hands. If empowered, the move has two charges, and the damage increases by 12%, with half the total damage being a bleed effect. Normal
Lycan K1 move 1.gif


Lycan K1 move 1 empowered.gif

R This move stuns entities This move has a charging period The user will charge up for 0.4 seconds before unleashing a roar, dealing medium damage, stunning nearby entities for 1 second, and replenishing Wolves' Hide. If empowered, the charge-up period is halved to 0.2s and the user will take no damage during casting. Normal
Lycan K1 move 2.gif


Lycan K1 move 2 Empowered.gif

F The user will crouch down for a brief moment, then pounce at in front of them in search of a target. If the user hits an entity, they will grab the entity and maul them with their claws. If empowered, the user will leap faster and deal more damage. Normal
Lycan K1 move 3.gif


Lycan K1 move 3 empowered.gif

C The user will enter or exit "Hunt" mode. "Hunt" mode increases the speed of Wild Haste up to 3x and will empower the next ability used. "Hunt" mode is automatically activated when activating the kakuja. If the user activates it while mid-air, the user will fall at terminal velocity. If the user toggles "Hunt" mode, the cooldown will be quick. If the user uses an ability while in "Hunt" mode, the cooldown for "Hunt" mode will be increased by x8 from 0.25s to 2s.
Lycan K1 extra move.gif



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