Mask Shop

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The mask shop is a store located in the Small City. It is hard to be recognized because the only difference to other buildings is that it has purple colors around it. The mask shop is owned by a harmless NPC who is a ghoul named Uta. Inside, there are plenty of masks which can be bought with Yen or robux. The mask shop is located near the Parking Garage and right next to the field.

Spawning NPCs: None

For more information about masks, click here.

Mask menu

Mask Credits

Credits that you can buy with robux that you can use to buy masks

Easter Egg

The red dinosaur

Inside the mask shop, there is a door which can't be open. However, if you manage to go through the door, you will be in a room where a red dinosaur is standing. The dinosaur can't harm and can't be harmed. This is a Stage II Shin Gojira from the 2016 movie "Godzilla Resurgence".

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