Masks are accessories that give players the ability to change both their names when worn and hide their eyes if the mask covers them. In the official Tokyo Ghoul lore, they are used to prevent the protect the Ghoul's "Human" identity from the CCG. But in the game, these masks are just purely aesthetic. To equip your mask press M and your mask will be equipped.

Masks (Yen)

These are masks that the user can buy at the mask shop located at the 2nd building in the front of the Anteiku. Each mask here requires a certain amount of Yen or Robux to purchase and wear.

Name Description Price Mask
Bandana This is the first mask the player is given, it covers the lower half of the head. It resembles a black bandana. 5,000 Yen
White Rabbit This mask is that of the rabbit in Tokyo Ghoul used by Touka. It hides the entire face except for some of the eyes. As the name implies it is a rabbit, with simplified black eyes, nose, and mouth with the insides of the ears pink. When it was first released it was bulkier but recently was thinned. 125,000 Yen
Hazel Hazel is a mask that resembles that of a demon, having a primary color of red with black accents and yellow, sharp teeth and showing the eyes.  125,000 Yen
Plague Doctor This mask is in the style of 16th-century plague doctors. It has a long beak and the color is dark gray. It hides the entire face and the eyes are that of lenses. Also, this mask is similar to Renji Yomo's mask in the anime/manga. 250,000 Yen
Low-Rank Aogiri This mask is the mask that the Low-Rank Aogiri NPCs wear. Sharing both the visible eyes and odd mouthpiece, encasing the entire head when worn as well. 125,000 Yen
Adult Hinami The adult version of Hinami's mask. This mask has three, black flanged pieces that come together in a stepped fashion and cover the eyes. 250,000 Yen
Jason This is the mask the famous psychotic ghoul Jason, or Yakumo Oomori (Yamori), wore. It hides the eyes of the user and has small holes on the mouth. It resembles a hockey goalie's mask, and is a reference to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. 250,000 Yen
Kuro A mask worn by one of the two sisters Kurona Yasuhisa. It is a mask that has the left eye cut out and stripes that go vertical. It hides the pupils despite the hole in the mask. 250,000 Yen
Shiro The second mask of the Yasuhisa sisters, this mask was worn by Nashiro Yasuhisa. The right eye of this mask is cut out instead of the left and the black stripes go horizontal instead of vertical. 250,000 Yen
Noro A mask worn by the Aogiri Tree executive Noroi (Noro). It is a mask with huge black lips, with equally large, square teeth and two small slits for nostrils 500,000 Yen
Shousei A mask that looks somewhat like a keyhole. This mask was worn by Shousei Idera and hides the user's pupils. 125,000 Yen
Bear Face This mask was taken from the Roblox catalog. It is that of a surgical mask with a bear face on it. 250,000 Yen
Unchained A mask made of chains. It is that of a simple crown with ~8 chains arranged around the head. This mask shows the entire face of the user. 250,000 Yen
Lantern This mask is the traditional Jack O' lantern, with two large eyes and a fanged grin set into a large pumpkin that covers the entire head. 250,000 Yen
Simple Eyepatch This mask is a white medical eyepatch from the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul that covers one eye and is used for one-eyed ghouls to hide their Kakugan. This is the most expensive mask by Yen in the game. 25,000,000


Flower Mask This mask is that of a cluster of purple, pink, green and white flowers hiding only the wielder's eyes. 250,000 Yen

Masks (Robux)

These are the masks costing Robux to buy instead of yen. Some are from fans and others are from the anime or other animes/movies.

Name Description Price Mask
Scarlxrd A custom mask inspired by the real-life trap metal rapper Scarlxrd. It is that of a mask similar to the bandana. It is like the kakuhou surgeon's mask but with a darker color. 20 R$
No Face A custom mask that is a reference to No-Face from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away. 20 R$
Ken Kaneki The mask from the anime itself. This mask is worn by Ken Kaneki himself and hides one eye and the mouth with a creepy mouth. 250 R$
Anubis This mask is that of a Doberman with gold details. It shows both the pupils but hides the entire face. 20 R$
Kid Hinami Another mask from the anime. This mask was worn by Hinami when she was a child. This mask is that of a cockatiel with an almost happy expression in its eyes. This mask is based on Hinami's bird: Hetare. 20 R$
Spiked Edgelord This mask is a custom mask that was designed by Snacky_pac. This mask is similar to one of the characters in Watch_Dogs 2 who wears this mask but is purple. It is one of the most expensive masks, costing 500 Robux. 500 R$
RIP Eto The top half of the Eto's Kakuja. It hides the entire head of the user and doesn't show the eyes. It seems to be made as almost a joke but is still an interesting mask. Its description says that it was probably removed by Kureo Mado, a nod to how he decapitated Hinami's mother. 100 R$
Purged Liberty This green mask is that of one of the psychos in the popular movie "The Purge." It looks like the Statue of Liberty except the eyes have X's over them with green neon cable and a creepy neon green barbwire mouth. 50 R$
Iron Dragon This mask is similar to the lung dragons of Chinese culture. It hides the user's mouth and leaves the eyes exposed. The color of the mask is red with gray stripes on the bottom part of the maw accenting it. There is also a large circular hinge on both ends of the mouth, supposedly giving the illusion it opens and closes.

150 R$

One Eyed King This mask is also from the anime. This mask is worn by Kaneki as the One-Eyed King. It is that of a red crown that hides the left eye of the user. However, the color of the crown depends on the wielder's Kagune/Quinque color. 250 R$
Red Lantern This mask is the same as the "Lantern" mask, only now it is red. 250 R$
Red Lantern
>-< This mask is a white block with the text ">-<" printed onto its front as a surface GUI. 250


Screenshot 40
O.O This mask is a white block with the text "O.O" printed onto its front as a surface GUI 250


Screenshot 39
Headband A Naruto-styled headband. Black with the ends tied behind the head with a silver/grey plate on the front. If in a player group, the headband will display the icon. 100



Group Masks

These masks are exclusive to groups and can be worn if you enable them in the settings.


Description Group Mask

This mask resembles a goat skull with black pitched eyes. It hides the entire face aside from the rest of the head. The mask's color can change depending on the wielder's rank.

Formerly, GOAT's low-rank mask was gray then was changed to black and its high-rank mask was red. Currently, low-rank GOAT members don't have a mask, its mid rank mask is that of a black mask with a yellow-brown goggle, its high-rank mask is gold and its leader mask is purple.


Low Rank Mask (Former)


Low Rank Mask (Former)


Mid Rank Mask (Former)


High Rank Mask (Former)


Mid Rank Mask


High Rank Mask


Leader Mask

Plague Doctor

This mask was similar to the plague doctor mask that costs yen. However it was different in appearance as the lenses colors were different: blue for low ranked wielders, purple for middle ranked wielders and red for high ranked wielders. The mask got as darker as higher the wielder was ranked and the mask had studs lining around the face and along the beak.

These masks are no longer obtainable due to the disbanding of the Plague Doctors and the Ro-Ghoul group.

Plague Doctors

Low Rank Mask


Mid Rank Mask


High Rank Mask

Quinx Mask

This mask was similar to the bandana mask that costs yen. However, it was different in appearance as a red small mask covered half of the bandana. This mask had no different features depending on the rank of the mask wielder.

This mask is no longer obtainable due to the disbanding of the Quinx Squad and the Ro-Ghoul group.

Quinx Squad
Capture d’écran (6)
CCG Cloak This mask covers the face in a black shadow and the rest a hooded cloak. On the back is the CCG symbol showing that the owner of this mask is part of the higher ranks of the CCG. To get the white cloak mask you have to achieve rank 2 investigator, which means graduating. You also have to get 75 points in a division by doing tasks. The variation to this cloak is a pitch-black color tone, sharing the same logo and blackish fog shrouding the face and the symbol a darker gold color. To obtain the black cloak you need to graduate and achieve Associate Special Class Investigator rank, which means achieving 525 points in total to get and can be considered an achievement due to the difficulty of actually obtaining the black cloak. The Commission of Counter Ghoul
CCG White Cloak2

The CCG White Cloak as seen upfront.

CCG White Cloak

The CCG White Cloak as seen from behind.


This mask is that of a knight helmet-shaped mask with 2 holes on it, covering the entire face and eyes. The color is white, gray or light yellow when it is for low ranks, red for mid ranks and black for high ranks.

These masks are no longer obtainable due to the disbanding of The Owls and the Ro-Ghoul group.

The Owls

Low Rank Mask


Low Rank Mask


Low Rank Mask


Mid Rank Mask


High Rank Mask

Ape This mask is a red gorilla mask and a white hood with a tan fur trim covering the entire head and face, except the eyes. The color of the fur can change depending on the rank of the mask wielder.

These masks are no longer obtainable due to the disbanding of The Apes and the Ro-Ghoul group.

The Apes

Low Rank Mask

Wolf The Dark army's mask resembles that of a wolf. It always has a pitch black nose and dark gray or black base as a color. If the mask has a dark gray base color, the eyes use the player's second color on CCG or Ghoul, which can lead to the mask often time's looking like they lack eyes at all if the user has the proper color. If the mask has a black base color, the eyes are red.

These masks are no longer obtainable due to the disbanding of The Dark Army and the Ro-Ghoul group.

Dark Army
Dragon The mask of Black Dragons resembles that of a dragon with 4 horns and an open mouth. The former version was that of a white dragon with white glowing eyes. The current version is that of a black dragon with white glowing eyes for low ranks. Mid ranks are given purple eyes and the owner's of the faction dawn that of red eyes.

These masks are no longer obtainable due to the disbandment of Black Dragons and the official Ro-Ghoul group.  

Black Dragons

Low Rank Mask (Former)


Low Rank Mask (Current)


Mid Rank Mask

Demon This mask resembles a skull with two horns with a cape that is torn from the looks of it at the bottom. However, it appears it does not cover the hair as the CCG's mask would, nor any other masks that cover the user's hair. The colors of the mask depend on the wearer's rank. Currently, you must be S rated or higher in the group to have access to the mask. Aogiri Tree
S-SS Rated Mask (AT)

S Rated & SS Rated Mask

SSS Rated

SSS Rated


Staff Member

Cloak This mask is that of a cape hiding the upper part of the user's face, leaving the lower part of the face exposed. The hood resembles a monster with four eyes and teeth, while the cape has spikes at its end. The primary color is always black, but the secondary color depends on the rank of the user: Green for middle ranks, purple for high ranks and red for staff members.

To get the mask, you must join the Discord and post your level in level proof. (Join the group as well)

Calamity group mask

Mid Rank Mask (Conq. - Demi-God)

Back view

Mid Rank Mask (Back View)

Screenshot 5

High Rank Mask (Omnipotent)

Screenshot 6

Staff Member Mask (Rankers+)

Double-Sided Mask This mask is that of a double-sided mask covering most of the wearer with the left side having a flower stuck on it, while the right side has a white mask and a stitched mouth. Silence
Oni These masks are designed to look like an Oni, a kind of yokai, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. These masks feature two distinctive horns on the forehead with smaller horns underneath and a collection of 4 symmetrical horns in the center of the forehead. The mouth has teeth similar to traditional depictions of the Oni in Japanese folklore, having sharp teath with two noticeable fangs protruding from the mouth. Two horns protrude from the bottom of the jaw. The eye sockets are black across all versions and each have glowing crosses as "pupils". The center of the forehead has a design that resembles a third eye most Oni are depicted with.

To obtain the mask, one must reach certain ranks inside of the Asakura group. The red variant is rewarded to users who reach rank "MR | Hatsuasa". The purple variant is rewarded to users who reach "HR| Sho-i" and above. The white mask is reserved exclusively for the leader (rank "Zaphkiel") and the "overseer" (rank "Azumi").

Asakura LR

Red variant

Asakura HR

Purple variant

Asakura SR Leader

White variant

Code Masks

These are masks that require a code to be used in-game. These do not require you to join a group nor to purchase them. Currently, there are 3 masks having a code in the game.

Name Description Command Mask

This is a mask of iBeMaine a YouTuber who records videos on Ro Ghoul. The mask is designed like a Susanoo and hides the pupils and almost the entire face. This mask is not exclusive and can still be worn.

Deku This mask is a nod to Izuku Midoriya's second and current Hero Costume from the Anime "Boku no Hero Academia", or "My Hero Academia". The mask is almost medieval in nature, with a large piece at the front with 8 holes, surrounding the lower face. This mask was exclusive and made for the birthday of a YouTuber named Roball. !RoballMask
Traf Mask This mask is made for Ro-Ghoul influencer "TrafTheOpest". It is a rectangular-esque mask with three pointed lengths on each side in an equilateral manner. Near the four corners are grey, bubble-like designs. The mask has two googly eyes and a mouth that has a blue tongue sticking out and away from the mask. Light blue neon horns adorn the top of the mask. On the top right corner of the mask, the word "opest" is inscribed in a comic sans-esque font. !TrafMask

Kakuja Masks

The masks below are masks that are formed when the user enters a specific Kakuja state. These masks are free, but tricky to get as their Kakuja's require a certain amount of RC to obtain their forms for them.

Name Description Kagune Mask
NishK1 This mask is incomplete. This mask covers the entire face of the user in their Kakuja state. The mask is sort of like crumpled up tinfoil with a pointed nose. It lacks eyes of any kind and conceals them.



KenK2 This mask is incomplete. The mask hides the left eye but leaves the right eye visible. It has a single giant pitch-black eye in it and is shaped like a centipede. Kaneki (Rinkaku)

This mask is incomplete. The former model is similar to the famous villain in Phantom Of The Opera as it covers a portion of the face and the left eye is visible. The right eye is partially visible in the hole within the mask.

The new model is similar to Kuzen Yoshimura's kakuja mask in the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul which covers the entire head of the wielder, leaving only the hair. The left eye is that of 3 horizontal lines while the right eye is a circle.




Former Model


Current Model

EtoK2 This is the third stage of Eto's Kakuja mask. It takes on a beastly appearance. The head is adorned with 4 spikes, two at the top and two sproutings from the side, framing a large, black eye with a small red Sclera, like a Kakugan. The eye also has three dashes of increasing size on each side, and underneath this is a large mouth with exposed teeth. If Obsession Mode is activated, the mouth will open, exposing the insides and the tongue which moves around.

Eto (Ukaku)


Former Model


Current Model (Normal Mode)


Current Model (Obsession Mode)


This mask is incomplete. It is from Yamori's incomplete kakuja as it covers the upper half of the face, lacking eyes and exposing the other half of the face. Yamori (Rinkaku)
TataK1 This mask is from Tatara's Kakuja. It covers the entire face of the user, leaving it only with a triangular hole in the middle that allows the user to throw out flames to damage and burn his/her opponents. Tatara


TakiK1 This incomplete mask is from Takizawa's incomplete kakuja. It is that of a knight helmet-shaped mask that covers your entire face, leaving several vertical black holes on the mask. Takizawa


TakiK2 This complete kakuja mask is from Takizawa's complete kakuja. The mask is that of a knight helmet-shaped mask that covers your entire head, leaving several vertical holes on the mask. Takizawa (Ukaku)
EtoK3 This is the third stage of Eto's Kakuja mask. Like the third stage's mask, it takes on a beastly appearance. The head is adorned with 4 spikes, two at the top and two sproutings from the side, framing a large, black eye with a small red Sclera, like a Kakugan. The eye also has three dashes of increasing size on each side, and underneath this is a large mouth with exposed teeth. Eto (Ukaku)
RobloxScreenShot20191014 003800985 (2)
KosshiK1 This is the mask of Kosshi's first kakuja mask. This mask, like it's kagune, is an original creation and is not canon to the tokyo ghoul universe. However, despite this the mask sports a peculiar apperance. The mask takes the form of a mask similar to aogiri's with the eyes some what. This mask sports a mouth guard that has 3 gaps on each side. The mask also has three odd bone like protrusions that hug the face and attach the mask to the face. The top also sports a less prominent but still noticeable 3 prong edge. The mask uses your primary like the rest of the kagune and covers the users entire face. Kosshi (Ukaku)


These are masks that are exclusive and limited for a certain amount of days. These can be worn by enabling them in the settings and do not require you to join a group nor to purchase them.

Name Description Image
Oversized Spooky Sheet This mask is that of a ghost costume that covers your entire head including your shoulders. It takes the form of a white bed sheet with black dots representing the eyes and another small black dot in the middle representing the mouth. It has a look of a ghost and its ends are spiky. This mask is exclusive to the Halloween day of 2019.
2020 Vision Not as much as a mask as it is a cool pair of shades... This "mask" consists of a purple color with the rims being of stars. The lenses are orange and not translucent with "20"s on each, writing out "2020". This was an exclusive mask given during New Years Day. 2020 vision, baby.

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