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Narukami is an ukaku type quinque, which in the manga and anime was wielded by Kishou Arima. It discharges condensed RC Cells just like lightning bolts. Possessing a tracking function, evasion of the bolts is next to impossible. Narukami has 2 modes: The ranged mode (Long ranged) and the blade mode (close range). It is the most expensive quinque tied with SSS Owl.


  • Narukami in Blade Mode has the same standing and swing animation as SSS Owl.


Narukami does not have stages, but instead has 2 modes: Blade and Ranged. The user can change between modes freely by pressing the "C" key. There are no requirements to change modes.

  • Passives:
      • Ammo Stacks: Stacking ammo that gets consumed in exchange for empowering certain abilities. It can hold up to 8 Ammo. Ammo stacks can be obtained by killing NPC's or players, Ammo Stacks will not stay if the user resets his or her character or re-activates their Quinque. They seem to appear as electric balls around you.
    • Shock Effect: A stacking mark placed on a target when they are hit by some abilities. Becomes effective at 3 stacks of the mark.
    • Extra Damage: Blade mode does more damage then ranged mode, but has a less chance of hitting the enemy.

Blade Mode

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user repeatedly slashes with their quinque at a very quick rate.
E The user slices and dashes 4 times, getting an Ammo Stack on hit. If the user kills the target in the attack, they get an extra Ammo Stack, and if the target is Shocked, the user gets 2 extra Ammo Stacks. The direction of each dash can be controlled.
R The user swings the blade, shooting out lightning balls that will grant an Ammo Stack on hit. The balls explode at the end, dealing area damage and stunning targets hit and applying a stack of shock to the targets.
F The user teleports and stabs a target found in a radius that gets larger depending on the number of Ammo Stacks used (max 4). After stabbing into the target the user gains 2 Ammo Stacks, then summons a pillar, dealing further damage. Applies 2 stacks of Shocked to the target. The move deals 3 sets of damage total, during the initial stab, the appearance of the pillar, and the final explosion.
C The user's quinque turns into ranged mode.

Ranged Mode

Narukami's blade unfolds into multiple prongs that spread out from the center. This mode focuses on ranged engagements, using the quinque to discharge the condensed RC Cells at opponents.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user shoots an electric bolt from their quinque, and applies a stack of shock.
E The user shoots out a path of electricity in front of them. Uses one Ammo Stack if they want to lay a larger path. If enemies are hit by the path or step on it, it will apply a stack of the Shock Effect. The move deals only a single burst of damage.

Without Ammo Enhancement

With Ammo Enhancement

R The user shoots out a lightning field that'll fly forward and detect enemies in a radius to then launch towards. Uses one Ammo Stack to shoot out a larger lightning field that will go farther and have a larger targeting radius. Applies a stack of shock to targets hit.
F The user launches 3 lightning clouds up into the air that'll travel towards a target it is tracking. If the target is Shocked then the cloud will move 150% faster. The cloud drops electrical bombs that shocks enemies that get hit.
C The user's quinque turns into blade mode.


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