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Nishiki is a balanced kagune in damage, speed, and defense, making it an example of the bikaku RC-type in Tokyo Ghoul. The kagune is strictly close-range with some stages possessing moves to assist in fighting at such a range. Its general appearance is similar to a serpent's tail The kagune is one of the starting kagunes in the game, the other three being Kaneki, Touka, and Tsukiyama.


  • The kagune is the first-ever in-game to have an original creation to it despite the actual kagune being canon to the Tokyo Ghoul universe.
  • Stage 1 is the first weapon in-game to branch away from the normal style of combat (this new style described as "M1 Combat" by the developer).


The Nishiki kagune has three stages in-game, with one of them being an incomplete kakuja.

Stage 1

Stage 1 takes the shape of a serpentine tail sprouting from where the tailbone would be. The tail warps around the user's right leg and points out in front of them.

Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user kicks with their right leg and jabs their kagune at the enemy with an occasional spin that swings their kagune in front of them. This move is aimed in the direction the user's camera is facing. N/A
ReNish1 Click.gif
E The user spins and swings their kagune in front of them, smacking any target in front of them. Targets smacked by the move are knocked by a small distance but are not stunned. This move is aimed in the direction the user's camera is facing. 2.0 seconds
R The user performs a barrel roll forwards in the direction the user's camera is facing. Performing this move makes the user untargettable for a brief period. 1.5 seconds
F The user leaps forwards into the air and performs a flip where they slam their bikaku tail onto the ground below them and dealing damage to any entity caught in-range. This move is aimed in the direction the user's camera is facing. 2.0 seconds

Stage 2

This stage of the kagune is almost twice as large as the first stage. The moves are similar to Stage 1 but can reach longer ranges due to the size of the kagune. The tail in this form is more thick and solid, giving the impression that the kagune is sturdier than before. The tail still sports the usual prong of the first stage and the veins appear to pulse from time to time, nearly muting the other color.

  • Requirements : 15,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user's kagune reaches over their shoulders and attacks in front of them, curving before returning to its original position.
E The user reaches the kagune outwards and draws it in. Entities hit by the move are damaged and are drawn toward the user.
R The user jumps forward a small distance and stabs downward with the kagune, creating a shockwave.
F The user jumps into the air and spins their body around before slamming their kagune below them, dealing damage to entities caught in the path. This stage performs faster than Stage 1, but deals slightly less damage.

Stage 3

The following content is considered an original creation.

This stage is an incomplete kakuja and gives the user a kakuja mask that covers their entire face. In this stage, the tail becomes riddled with multiple smaller tendrils that move in unison with the primary limb that supports them. The mask is the user's secondary color. The user will experience hallucinations and manifestations of the memories of the previous owner, Nishiki Nishio, and the screen will shake. The user is also slouched over, taking a stance similar to the first stage of Kaneki's incomplete centipede kakuja.

  • Requirements : 2,500,000 (2.5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user reaches their kagune outwards from the side or overhead and stabs forward, alternating between the left and right sides.
NishikiK1 CLICK.gif
E The user brings down the tail from over their head and slams the ground, briefly stunning entities hit.
NishikiK1 E.gif
R The user curls the tail towards them before unfurling it outwards in a strong, swiping motion. Entities hit by the move are pushed away from the user.
NishikiK1 R.gif
F The user leaps in the air to a decent height and travels forward a medium distance, performing a flip and slamming the mass of their tail down below. This deals massive damage.
NishikiK1 F.gif


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