Nishiki is a balanced kagune, mixing attack, speed and defense. It's tail is swung with a moderate range, with the ability to knock opponents away, or grab them instead. Nishiki is one of the starting kagunes in the game and has 3 stages.


  • Nishiki's kagune is the first in-game to have an OC kakuja (original creation), meaning it's not canon to the actual manga/anime of Tokyo Ghoul.


There are 3 stages to this kagune, the third stage being an OC (Original Creation). However, a 4th stage was teased at in the polls, and will most likely come in the distant future.

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage of the kagune. It takes the shape of a tail sprouting from where the tailbone is. The tail has two sections, the underside using the primary color but brightened and having a smaller protrusion. The top being darker and looking to be more layered in kagune and sporting various veins that use the second color of the player.

Keybind Description GIF
Click You stab your opponent with your kagune from the left or the right.
E You grab your foe with your bikaku, pulling them towards you.
R You use your tail and spin, harming anyone caught in it in a small area around you and pushing them away.
F You leap into the air while spinning and bring your tail down, slamming into the ground inflicting heavy damage to your opponent.

Stage 2

This stage of the kagune is almost twice as big as the 1st stage. The moves are almost the same but in a longer range. The tail in this form is more solid, giving the impression the kagune is sturdier then the previous stage. The tail still sports the usual prong of the first stage and the veins appear to pulse from time to time, nearly muting the second color entirely.

  • Requirements : 15,000 RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click You stab your opponent with your kagune from the left or the right. The animation is different and the range is longer.
E You pull your enemy in front of you with your kagune. The animation is different and the range is longer.
R You jump, then stab the ground with your kagune to create a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies around you.
F You jump, turn around yourself to hit the ground with your kagune to attack your opponent, creating a shockwave around. The animation is different, the range is longer, the damage is weaker and the slamming is faster.

Stage 3

This stage of the kagune is an OC creation and is actually not canon to Tokyo Ghoul. This stage is an incomplete kakuja and gives you a mask covering your entire face. In this stage, your tail becomes riddled with multiple smaller tails that move in unison with the primary central tail that supports them. In this stage your second color is not visible but instead your primary color takes control, covering your kakuja entirely. Due to it being incomplete you suffer seeing the memories of the previous user and your screen pulsing and shaking. The user is also slouched, taking a stance similar to the first stage of Kaneki's kakuja.

  • Requirements : 2,500,000 (2,5M) RC Cells
Keybind Description GIF
Click You stab your opponent with your kagune from the left or the right. It has similar range to the second stage but the attack is stronger.
E You slam your kakuja into the ground in a small AOE that inflicts heavy damage to those caught up in it.
R You use your tail and slam into your foe, sending them slightly skywards and away from you. This attack effects anyone caught in front of the user.
F You leap into the air, rushing forward to slam your bikaku tail into the ground with a large aoe that inflicts major damage to those caught in the splash zone.
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