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Noro's is a unique bikaku kagune in Ro-Ghoul. Noro's kagune takes on the form of a long, worm-like bikaku with a large mouth at the end, which is capable of consuming food and healing the user. Noro possesses a kakuja which manifests as a terrifying, seething mass of mouths and tentacles.


  • Noro is the first kagune to have a "lifesteal" ability, the second being Lycan
  • Noro is the only kakuja with a beneficial ability that affects allied players.


Noro's Kagune has two stages, the second being a kakuja.

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage of the kagune. It takes on the form of a single tail-like appendage with a mouth on the end similar to that of a lamprey.

  • Passive:
    • Health regenerates 50% more efficiently for owning the kagune
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user's kagune lunges out and bites the enemy, stealing a bit of health.
No click.gif
E Aesthetically and functionally identical to the click, along with the ability to drag the foe in.
No e.gif
R The user's kagune tunnels into the ground beneath them, where it will then burst out and automatically attack the nearest enemy, healing the user. This move immobilizes the user during casting and cannot be used while moving, nor if there is an unsuitable surface (e.g, standing on the edge of a building will not allow this ability to be used)
No r.gif
F The user utilizes their kagune to propel themselves forward and into the air, traveling forward before slamming the kagune into the ground, causing a shockwave. The user is resilient to most forms of damage while performing this move but is still vulnerable to crowd control specials (pulls, stuns, etc).
No f.gif

Stage 2

Stage 2 is Noro's kakuja. It is a large, writhing mass of kagune with three mouths surrounding the main body and four tentacle-like appendages with tipped with mouths It is a mostly stationary kakuja as the user is unable to dash, jump, or block. This kakuja is unique due to it being the only one in-game that can heal a user's allies.

  • Passive:
    • Movement Disadvantage: While using the 2nd stage, the user is unable to dash or jump.
    • Lifesteal: Noro's click, E, R and F heal the user.
    • Damage Reduction: While using the kakuja, damage received is reduced by 40%.
    • Block - Regeneration: Blocking is replaced with the ability to enable enhanced health regeneration. While holding T, the user immobilizes themselves to regenerate double the amount of health, at triple the rate (for a total of 6x). Damage reduction is not active while using advanced regeneration.
    • Mouths: The central Kagune mass on Noro's Kakuja has three mouths. Using the E or R will close one mouth, and using click will close all of them. For each mouth closed, Noro's F move will have more size, damage, self-healing, and ally healing.
  • Requirements: 10,000,000 RC Cells and Level 1000 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click The user buries their four limbs into the ground, which erupt from the ground where the cursor is. On a successful hit, all Kakuja mouths close.
Norok1 Click.gif
E The user mobilizes the limbs to lunge outwards and bite in front of them.  Successfully hitting an entity will close one of the Kakuja's mouths.
Norok1 E.gif
R The user launches their tongue outwards from the forward-facing mouth. On a successful hit, it closes one Kakuja mouth and reels the target in.
Norok1 R.gif
F The user releases a mass of RC cells which damages nearby enemies and will heal nearby allies. Performing this special opens all closed Kakuja mouths. The damage, radius, and amount of health restored increases with the number of mouths closed.
Norok1 F.gif
C Aiming with the mouse cursor, the user will launch in an arc towards their selected location. Upon landing, the user creates a massive explosion which deals heavy damage. The cooldown of the move is dependent on how far Noro flies.
Norok1 C.gif
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