Noro's Kagune is unique when compared to other kagunes. The bikaku kagune is a very thick, lamprey-like kagune that has a mouth on the end of it that is able of consuming food and stealing health. Along the base stemming from the tailbone Noro has very subtle yet apparent cracks in it's form, preventing any kind of smoothness on it's surface.


  • Noro was the strongest kagune in the game until it got nerfed.
  • Noro is the only kagune that can regain/steal health from players and NPC's as of recent.
  • Noro's kakuja is the first kakuja that makes you unable to dash, jump and block, but it is also the first kakuja to be able to help allies, to have a damage reduction and a healing ability.


Noro's Kagune has two stages.

Stage 1

This stage is the first stage of the kagune. It takes on the form of a single lamprey-like mouth that is more than capable in combat. In this state it can steal attackers health and heal the user, however, this effect doesn't work if the victim has low durability or is too low of a level. None the less, this kagune is formidable in the right hands and can be an interesting kagune for the player.

  • Passive:
    • 50% more health regen for having the kagune
Keybind Description GIF
Click You bite your opponent with your Kagune from the left shoulder to the right shoulder. This attack can be used in a pretty long range. It is also capable of stealing health but doesn't do as much damage as some of its attacks.
No click
E You bite your enemy with your Kagune to pull him/her in front of you. This attack deals low damage but steals a small amount of health from the person hit by it.
No e
R Your Kagune enters the ground in front of you, then rises up from the ground at your enemy, attacking suddenly and causing medium damage. This attack can be used in long-range as if you can faintly see the NPC or player's name, that is how long it can attack. However, you cannot attack while jumping or the foe is too far, jumping, or too high or low from the user.
No r
F You jump into the air using your kagune to propel you upwards. As you jump an equivalent of two arena tiles (or two CCG lab containers) and come down with a great force dealing high damage. This attack has a small AOE and seems centered around the area the player is facing. You are immune to most damage while using this attack, but you can still be affected by stuns, grabs, etc.
No f

Stage 2

This stage is the second stage of Noro. It is a Kakuja that takes the form of a giant, writhing Kagune mass covered with 3 mouths and 4, tentacle-like appendages ending in mouths. Unlike most of the Kakujas in the game, while being in this state, you are unable to dash, jump and block, but you are able to heal your allies, you have more regenerative abilities and you have a damage reduction of 56%.

  • Passive:
    • Movement Disadvantage (Stage 2): While using the 2nd stage, you are unable to dash, run or jump.
    • Damage Reduction (Stage 2): While using the 2nd stage, you have a damage reduction of 56%.
    • Block (Stage 2): While being unable to block, instead, you immobilize yourself and enhance your healing, healing you three times faster. As a result, the damage reduction passive will not take place while using T.
  • Requirements: 15,000,000 (15M) RC Cells/Level 1500 or Higher
Keybind Description GIF
Click You bury your kakuja tentacles in the ground, causing them to rise up from where you point your mouse cursor, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth.
Norok1 Click
E You attack and bite forward with your kakuja tentacles, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth.
Norok1 E
R You launch your tongue from one of your kakuja mouths to grab, pull and bite your target, healing yourself when hitting an enemy and closing a kakuja mouth.
Norok1 R
F You implode your mass of RC Cells which damages nearby enemies and heals nearby allies, opening your closed kakuja mouths. The damage, radius, and heals increase depending on the amount of the mouths you have closed.
Norok1 F
C After choosing a designated location with your mouse, you launch off into the air and land at your designated location, exploding while launching and landing. The damage, radius scales, and the cooldown depend on how far your designated location is from your starting location.
Norok1 C
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