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The parking garage is a building located in the Small City, in front of the Mask Shop and beside the Stadium.


The parking garage has three stories to it. There are multiple ways to access the top floor of the parking garage, be it the two ramps or numerous scattered ladders attached to the outside of the parking garage. Outside of the parking garage is a large Leaderboard used to keep track of the current scores and rankings for King of the Hill. On the third floor, there is a pole along with a zone that can be captured by players to claim for their player faction or for themselves.

Spawning NPCs : Human, Athlete


The parking garage has been remodeled two times now. Each time has been a redesign to fit it to a better purpose. The first redesign was to give player factions an arena to conduct wars, opting for a more open and spatial design. The second and current redesign is as it is currently. The first and original design was a more realistic and cluttered parking garage that wasn't as optimal or open warfare.

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