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"RC Cell(s)" (or "RC") is a material used predominantly by Ghouls to advance onto further stages of kagunes or develop a kakuja. This is the cell that is used to also activate their kagunes to defend against CCG or other Ghouls. It can be gained by collecting corpses of NPCs or players. While they are mainly used by Ghouls, the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) may utilize them for stages on very few quinques and buy Arata with them. RC Cells are never consumed unless used to buy new stages/pieces for Arata. If the user buys another quinque or kagune, their RC count will be reset to 800 unless they buy it with robux. When activating a stage for a quinque or kagune that require RC cells, they will not be consumed. In the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul they are called "Red Child Cells" due to them resembling an unborn child within the womb.

Another method for obtaining RC Cells is through the limited-time Codes. The average number of RC Cells gained from codes are 50,000.

RC Cells gained upon killed NPCs


RC Cells Image
Human 50 RC Cells
Athlete 100 RC Cells
Rank 2 Investigator 50 RC Cells
Rank 1 Investigator 100 RC Cells
First Class Investigator 200 RC Cells
Low Rank Aogiri Member 200 RC Cells
Mid Rank Aogiri Member 400 RC Cells
High Rank Aogiri Member 800 RC Cells
bob 800 RC Cells
Eto Yoshimura 100,000 RC Cells
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