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The following content is considered an original creation.

Reaper is an original creation Halloween quinque that is a large, over-sized scythe with the capabilities to become a spear. The key difference in appearance between this and 13's Jason is the smaller blade and the bone design. The handle is made entirely out of bone that appears to be from a spine with the handle ending in a bone structure similar to one seen on Kosshi.


  • Despite being named "Reaper", the quinque is not a reference to Kishou Arima or Haise Sasaki. It is instead a reference to the Grim Reaper, a personification of death.


There is only one stage to Reaper.

Stage 1

  • Passive
    • Enhanced Dashing- Dash speed is now 1.25 and dash distance is now 1.25 (Your SPEED + PHYSICAL stat(s) × 1.25)
Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user swings the quinque left and right to perform a basic slash. When slashing from the right, the quinque is in the scythe form. When slashing from the left, the quinque is in the spear form. The different forms do not do different amounts of damage. This move is aimed in the direction the user is facing. N/A
Reaper Click.gif
E The user performs a quick 360° spin that deals damage to anything within range. 2.0 seconds
Reaper E.gif
R This move stuns entities The user performs a very small wind-up, then the user lunges forward using the quinque in Spear mode. If a target is in range, the user will pierce the target with the blade, pinning them to the ground and stunning them for a brief period. The move is considered a grab, which may be affected by other kagunes. 2.0 seconds
Reaper R.gif
F The user performs a heavy slash with the Scythe mode of the quinque, sending out a large and wide projective that travels a small distance, dealing damage to anything hit by the projectile. 3.0 Seconds
Reaper F.gif
C The user uses the Spear mode of the quinque and launches the blade out a medium distance and pierces any target hit, then pulls the target(s) to the user. The move is considered a grab, which may be affected by other kagunes. 4.0 seconds
Reaper C.gif
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