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Are you hype for IXA's Rework and/or EtoK3 (If you see this question after one of the updates, consider this question as "Do you like IXA's Rework and/or EtoK3?")

The poll was created at 05:40 on May 19, 2019, and so far 31 people voted.

How do you feel about NoroK1 and TakiK2's nerf?

The poll was created at 06:15 on May 12, 2019, and so far 78 people voted.

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Welcome to Ro-Ghoul Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to everything about the game that anyone can edit. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles!

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Game Information

The game Ro-Ghoul is a free fighting ROBLOX game inspired of the anime/manga Tokyo Ghoul, made by SushiWalrus in the 13th July 2017. There are many things to discover in the game, so your goal depends on the faction you choosed in the beginning: As a Ghoul, you can live peacefully or while spreading genocide, but you'll always be in fear of being hunted and killed by other ghouls or by humans that are trained to kill ghouls. As a CCG, your job is to protect and risk your life for people from human-like monsters eating human flesh. Whatever your side is, be sure to do anything you can to become strong and to do quests to build up your reputation, which you can use to gain currency per point of reputation. You can also fight other players, hang out with your friends, organize competitions, or fight a boss and gain a lot of EXP Points. Cosmetics such as Masks are in the game so that you can have your own nickname and hide your identity.

Recent Game Update

Update 5/13/2019

  • - Skip Trainer Cooldown Dev product!
  • - Halved Trainer Cooldown Gamepass! (Not required for WhitenHair)
  • - TakiK2 Glitched Throw fix
  • - Reduced damage per shard of TakiK2 to 0.33 from 0.36, total damage from 1.8 to 1.65 (7% less damage.)

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Featured Article
Bacon k1-2

Takizawa's kagune is an ukaku type kagune. From the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re, he inherited Kuzen's kakuhou, which was implanted into him. The kagune is capable of firing shards upon its opponents, which is known to break quinques in the manga.

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Wiki Feed

  • Ox Rookbane
    Greetings, everyone.

    Some pages are beginning to grow long due to the amount of content they have. For example, the Kaneki page has all six stages posted, described, and with each move set documented (descriptions, gifs, and all). Some users may find the size of the page to be quite troubling or a l…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Staff applications and guidelines have now been created. Instead of hand-picking members for my team, I am now permitting users who meet our guidelines to apply. Currently, our applications are OPEN (as of 3/17/19 1:10 PM EST). Announcements for when our application process opens will be made either…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Start of 2019 Recap

    February 27, 2019 by Ox Rookbane

    It's been a couple of months since I've written an update news post and gave announcements on here. So, I decided to recap mostly the beginning of 2019 and perhaps the end of 2018. So, without further ado, let us begin.

    If you haven't already seen the dreadful banner issued by the FANDOM Staff when v…

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  • Ox Rookbane

    Hello, everyone. Another news post is needed as we've been lacking one for a while now. Before we begin, I want to look over some statistics of our Wikia!

    • From Nov 21 - Nov 27th, earned a total of 6.5K views!
    • In that same timeframe, 199 edits were made.
    • The Codes page is still triumphant as the most-…

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More News...

  • ComedyFury

    This has got to be the laziest strategy blog post I made lol

    Anyways, hello everybody, and today we are going to look at the starter quinque, C-Katana. Yes, it's very easy to counter and everything, but remember that this is kinda considered to be a joke and I made it because I was too tired and bor…

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  • ComedyFury

    Strategies about Kajiri

    February 19, 2019 by ComedyFury

    Hello everybody, and welcome to this new strategy blog post! Today, I will talk about Kajiri, the underrated quinque that is in fact a very strong one. Before starting, I want to tell you something: The creator of Ro-Ghoul, SushiWalrus, discovered and acknowledged this wikia! More informations on t…

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  • ComedyFury

    Strategies about Ginkui

    February 3, 2019 by ComedyFury

    Due to the lack of strategy blog posts here in the past times (Mostly about quinques), I will make one today.

    Hello everybody, and in this strategy blog post, I will talk about my favorite quinque which is Ginkui. Let's start:

    • Click: This move has a short range, but it is strong compared to most of o…

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  • ComedyFury

    It's been a while since I didn't write a strategy blog post, I should start writing one again by starting with something special! Hello fellow wikia members, this strategy blog post will be special, because it's not about a kagune or a quinque, but it's about countering the strongest NPC in Ro-Ghou…

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