All pages should be made to standards

The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

The Ro-Ghoul Wiki, like many other wikis, has its own style of how pages should be made and edited. This is accessible under the Manual of Style. The Manual of Style covers how all pages should look and the content that belongs on pages.

Upon creating a new page:

  • The title of it should be exactly how it is in-game or simplified if needed
  • Have the appropriate infobox filled out completely with accurate information
  • Cite any information you include on pages that does not come directly from the game
  • Write in a neutral stance and do not take sides or opinions
  • Have relevant images on the page
  • Have a decent amount of information on the page
  • The page and its information should be undoubtedly verifiable
    • i.e. "upcoming" or "hypothesized" features or updates are not permitted
  • Make sure you write from a third-person (3rd) perspective. Do not use "I" or "We" or "You".

Other guidelines:

  • Do not create pages about users or people. The developer(s) may have a page but is subject to removal upon their consent
    • If a page about users or people is approved, please use their preferred pronouns when addressing them
      • Edits that attempt to purposefully revert or change pronouns to be other than the player's preferred gender pronouns in bad faith will be taken as vandalism, resulting in a block
  • Do not create pages for individual items that fall into a larger category (i.e. Masks, Groups)
  • Infoboxes should have current images. All other images should be placed in a gallery at the bottom of the page.
  • This Wiki is in English and therefore follows the English system of numbers. Numbers in the thousands, millions, or more, will use commas to separate instead of periods.
  • When writing the word "Roblox", it should be capitalized as such. "Roblox" is the proper way of writing and referring to Roblox.

File names should be descriptive

The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

Files when uploaded to the Ro-Ghoul Wiki should be descriptive of the content they depict. ROBLOX's general file name is not acceptable, nor is gibberish or inappropriate content permitted as file names. Offending files will either be deleted or renamed.

Page drafts must be done in a userspace or in the Sandbox

The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

This policy applies to large edits that would completely alter a page or change a majority the page. You can create a userspace page by using the "Create Page" feature and titling it "User:Visitor/Title". For minor edits and tweaks, editors may simple preview the page.

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