This is a full list of all of our policies and guidelines that the Ro-Ghoul Wiki uses to administrate. For a more simplified viewing, please visit Project:Rules

This page contains all of our rules, policies, and guidelines that the Ro-Ghoul Wiki will use to administrate and make sure the wiki stays clean and positive. Our primary objective is to provide information about the game Ro-Ghoul on ROBLOX to all users. It is necessary to be thorough with the rules so that all users understand what is acceptable behavior on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

The Ro-Ghoul Wiki Staff highly recommend users to read the policies, rules, and guidelines before participating on the Wiki. Most situations will not warrant immediate administrative action. Instead, warnings are given first before administrative action is done. In some scenarios and cases, warnings will not be given and immediate administrative action will be performed.

Conduct policies

Conduct policies govern how Ro-Ghoul Wiki is run, what behavior is acceptable, and how others can collaborate.

FANDOM Policies

There are FANDOM policies and guidelines that apply to all FANDOM communities (this includes Ro-Ghoul Wiki). These are the terms of use, the privacy policy, community creation policy. These policies are created by FANDOM staff and their enforcement is out of the control of this wiki. However, this wiki specifically enforces the FANDOM Community Guidelines and the user conduct section of the terms of use, in addition to the other policies described on this page. Violation of FANDOM policies (ie: death threats, being underage) is grounds for an immediate block.


Anyone who has created a FANDOM account is permitted to edit and participate on this Wiki. Guest users will need to create an account to edit or comment on this Wiki. Users are permitted to have multiple accounts on FANDOM, but using these accounts for sockpuppeting is strictly prohibited. This happens when users attempt to evade blocks, confuse users, or create false feedback on topics.


Users are not permitted to create accounts that impersonate or attempt to impersonate other users, the Wiki's staff, famous ROBLOX users, famous Youtubers, or Ro-Ghoul Staff. Usernames that are an exact replica of these people's usernames or are very similar will be requested that they request a change of username through FANDOM's tools or will be immediately blocked from the Wiki.

User Rights

Some actions require users to have certain rights (or permissions) to conduct them. Our wiki permits all registered FANDOM users to edit and contribute. However, certain actions like deleting pages, rollbacks, and more, are reserved to the staff roles. To see a full list of User rights, please visit Help:User Rights.

To become any of the staffing roles that the Ro-Ghoul Wiki is permitted, the page Staffing Opportunities was created. This page lists how the Wiki handles hiring new staff.

Other Conduct Policies

Profanity is not permitted anywhere on the Wiki. The only use of profanity that is appropriate is in an encyclopedic context. Quotations, in-game content, or anything else relating to the game's content that contains swearing that is appropriate to be put on the page is permitted. Attempting to post swearing in an "encyclopedic context" that is off-topic for a page or is not relevant or important information is not acceptable. For more information on page conduct and policies, please view the Manual of Style

Content Policies

This section outlines the policies and rules regarding content on the Wiki that is not suitable to fit inside of a Manual of Style.


Pages on the Wiki are to be informational and factual. The creation of pages on the Wiki is to document content in Ro-Ghoul or relating to Ro-Ghoul. We hold a neutrality policy in regards to content on our pages. Pages should be written as unbiased as humanly possible and keep out any opinions. Statements in articles must be verifiable. Opinions that are not verifiable can be presented by quoting significant proponents but they must not be presented as facts. If different sources make conflicting assertions, the assertions should be presented by quoting the sources instead of being presented as facts.


Because the Wiki's content is mostly directly taken from the game, it is hard to properly cite evidence or sources of information. For content taken directly from the game, there is no need to source it. However, should information from the game seem incorrect or untruthful, the editing user may be required to prove their assertions/findings. If it is not possible or is improperly proven correct or truthful, the content can be removed from the page and the editing user may be cited with a warning.

Some content on the Wiki may be directly from Tokyo Ghoul. Because Tokyo Ghoul is the parent media of Ro-Ghoul, citations for content relating to Tokyo Ghoul must be cited. The Tokyo Ghoul Wiki is an approved source of information. Should information be cited from the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki or the Tokyo Ghoul universe, users are to cite the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki unless otherwise directed by an appropriate Ro-Ghoul Wiki Staff Member. Citations are done as such: <ref>[ Website or article name]</ref> . At the end of a page with citations, users must add <references /> . This automatically creates a section of all the citations used on a page. Failure to add this will result in an error displayed on the page.


Guidelines are a set of best practice that are used to resolve conflicts when there is a disagreement on what should be done.

Warning and blocks

To moderate and enforce policies, rules, and guidelines on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki, the staff use "Warnings" and "Blocks". Blocks cannot be immediately given to users unless the offense is deemed major by the staff member, the user has ignored warnings, or if the user is a repeat offender.

The warning system is as follows:

  • Reminders or minor warnings are given to first-time violations and serve to help an editor or user get back on track with the Ro-Ghoul Wiki's policies.
  • Warnings will be given to repeat violations of minor policies or given to first-time violations that are more offensive in nature.
  • Final warnings are given after repeat violations after having been previously warned, or for offenses deemed worthy of a one-and-only warning. These may be the form of a small block or a standalone message.
Block length Intended use
1 day First-time minor policy violations after being warned previously. Includes violations like non-encyclopedic profanity, persistently creating non-notable pages in the content namespaces, comment abuse (ie: posting irrelevant article comments or comments that do not promote discussion).
3 days
1 week
2 weeks Repeated minor policy violations. Engaging in pointsgaming or edit warring.
1 month Repeated policy violations or first-time infraction of a major policy with previous warnings. Violation of Wikia's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies (ie: making death threats); any sort of vandalism will receive a sanction no shorter than 1 month. Due to COPPA laws, underage editors on the wiki will have their accounts blocked until they are 13.
2 months
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years
Indefinite Very major policy violations, including repeated and severe vandalism or vandal attacks, violation of Wikia's Terms of Service or other Fandom policies, account abuse (ie: spambotting, sockpuppetry), uploading of pornographic images.

Content Criteria

The Ro-Ghoul Wiki has the right to delete any content on the site.

  • Files may be deleted if they are low-quality, unused, or are a copyright violation.
  • User Blogs/User Pages may be deleted if the content is inappropriate or considered spam or other discretion deemed necessary by a staff member.
  • Templates may be deleted if they are unused, outdated, or broken.
  • Pages may be deleted if they do not relate to Ro-Ghoul, are opinionated pieces, or are obvious attempts at spam and/or vandalism

Administrators reserve the right for discretion on what may be deleted at times. Most deletions are for enforcing rules, policies, and/or guidelines or for Maintenance. Sometimes, pages may be moved without leaving a redirect for reasons that may regard to enforcing rules, policies, and/or guidelines or for maintenance.

Content Guidelines

Please follow the Manual of Style when editing pages. The Manual of Style outlines how pages are to be set up and the style of writing permitted for pages. For matters not listed in the Wiki's Manual of Style, please follow the English Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.