~Staff Applications are Open!.~

~For Wikia Staff~


  • When you apply for Staff, you are not applying for the game Ro-Ghoul, you are applying for one of the staffing positions on the Wikia
  • When sending a message, only send the filled-out application. Do NOT send any conversation material
  • If you are accepted as a Staff Member for the Wiki, you do NOT receive any in-game perks or privileges
  • If you are accepted as a Staff Member for this Wiki, you are not guaranteed any moderation privileges/powers in the Ro-Ghoul Wiki Discord


  • Accepted users will be notified via a Discord DM or a Wikia message.
  • For users who sent more than 1 application, only the first application will be taken.
  • Please send applications to Ox Rookbane on their Message Wall OR to their Discord (österreich#8856)
  • When applying, PLEASE INCLUDE: your ROBLOX username, a link to your profile generated by you, and a thesis stating why you would make a positive contribution to our staff team
  • You MUST be a member of our Discord to be accepted and be active on our Discord.
  • We host the right to change our terms and requirements for applications at any time if we see it fit.

By applying, you agree that you have read all the content on this page, completed the tasks asked of you for applying, and abide by all of our rules and terms. Failure to comply will result in a denied application

Hello there, and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our Wikia Staff. Before you apply, we have some requirements you have to meet, text in bold means it will increase your chance of getting hired:


  • Eligible: You must at least have a little bit of knowledge on Ro-Ghoul.
  • Eligible: You must be able to cooperate with other Staff members and contributors.
  • Eligible: Never have any bad history in other wikis.
  • Eligible: Has experience on moderating a wiki.
  • Eligible: Has a minimum amount of 100 edits (actual contributions; not comments) and has been a wiki member for at least 3 months.
  • Eligible: If you know your way around Wikia, demonstrate a thorough understanding of the platform, and understand what each Moderation Role does.
  • Not Eligible: If you are known as a constant trouble maker.
  • Not Eligible: Not fluent in English.
  • Not Eligible: Have vandalized or taken part in a malicious act
  • Not Eligible: Under the age of 13.
  • Not Eligible: If you're a terrible, rubbish person overall.
  • Not Eligible: Like to show off, brag, or abuse your powers to prove you are superior.

-Application Format-

  • What is your Wiki Username?
  • Your ROBLOX Username:
  • Current Edit Count:
  • Why would you make a positive contribution to the Staff Team?:
When filling out your application, put a link to your ROBLOX profile with your ROBLOX Username and a link to your Profile Page on this Wikia with your Wikia Username


  • Q: When do applications open up?
    • A: Applications open up whenever and will run indefinitely for however long necessary.
  • Q: What positions are available?
    • A: Availability of positions are always subject to change. What is available will be announced on our Discord.
  • Q: If I've previously had broken a rule, can I still apply?
    • A: We most likely will not accept those who've previously broken rules on our Wikia onto the staff team, regardless of how long has passed or the nature of the offense. However, we can exceptions depending on the user.
  • Q: If I get accepted, does this mean I become staff for Ro-Ghoul?
    • A: No. Applications for the staff team are for only the Ro-Ghoul Wiki. If you are accepted for the staff team on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki, you'll only receive privileges here and on our Discord. We are, in no way, affiliated with the Official Ro-Ghoul Discord or game and cannot extend our privileges out to there.
  • Q: If my application gets denied, can I apply again?
    • A: You must wait 3 months from the verdict of your previous application before you may apply again. Any applications between those 3 months will be automatically denied.
  • Q: What should I put on my application?
    • A: Please, address your strong suits and why you would make a positive contribution to our staff team. Focus on your abilities, skills, and knowledge of Wikia and the game Ro-Ghoul. Show effort and thorough demonstration of authenticity and a matured manner. Applications which are written without proper punctuation, spelling, and/or lacking any effort whatsoever can or will be automatically denied.

If you have a question, please ask the following users: bureaucrats!

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