The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

Vandalism of any kind will never be tolerated on our Wiki. Ro-Ghoul Wiki's vandalism policy will clearly state what is considered vandalism, and how we act upon it. All users shall be familiar with this page to identify vandalism correctly, and how to properly report it.

What is Vandalism?

On Ro-Ghoul Wiki, we consider vandalism as the following:

  • Completely wiping a page of all of its content and leaving the page blank or replacing the content with anything at all that does not correlate with the page
  • Posting any links/advertisements on a page
  • Messing with pages by putting fake information, or putting in "jokes", Such as:
    • "A game made by SushiWalrus" is changed to: "A game made by YOUR MOM"
    • Category names are changed to something inappropriate
    • Sections are renamed to something inappropriate
    • Etc. administrators will know what is vandalism when seen.
  • Adding unnecessary photos that do not pertain to the page
  • Miscellaneous. Administrators can and will determine if it is vandalism.

Reporting Vandalism

When reporting vandalism, you should mention it to an administrator on their message wall. Please, label the post on the message wall as "Vandalism Report: (Username of Vandalizer)". In the content of the post, indicate what page it was, and give a brief description of what the vandalism was. If possible, please check the "History" of the page and revert it to a functioning version. We will investigate ASAP.


To see how vandalism plays into our blocking policy, please visit Warnings and Blocks.

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