When Moderations are issued

The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

No blocks or moderation may be applied to a user for not following a guideline, as guidelines are only present to resolve disagreements between users. Sanctions may be applied to users who do not follow a policy. If they are contributing in good faith, this should only be done after they have been warned and notified of the policies, such as by a message placed on their talk page or message wall.

Statute of Limitations

Some minor violations and infractions will not be acted on when not caught in a reasonable time frame. This will be up to discretion of the staff. Not all violations may be ignored by a statute of limitations. Generally, users cannot be punished for actions they did a long time ago.

Do not remove staff warnings from your Message Wall

The following is a policy on the Ro-Ghoul Wiki.

Editors should not remove any issued warnings from their message wall, as this serves as documentation regarding what actions have previously been taken for policy violations and ensures consistent application of wiki policies to all editors. Removing message wall warnings may result in a block or an extended block if the editor is currently blocked.

Types of warnings

  • Reminders or minor warnings are given to first-time violations and serve to help an editor or user get back on track with the Ro-Ghoul Wiki's policies.
  • Warnings will be given to repeat violations of minor policies or given to first-time violations that are more offensive in nature.
  • Final warnings are given after repeat violations after having been previously warned, or for offenses deemed worthy of a one-and-only warning. These may be the form of a small block or a standalone message.

Types of blocks

This table will show how blocks are conducted when users and editors required to be blocked.

Block length Intended use
Minor Violations, first time
1-2 hours Usually reserved to disband edit warring between editors, or to handle excessive and improper page creation from an editor.
1-3 days First-time minor policy violations with or sometimes without prior warnings. Includes violations like non-encyclopedic profanity, commentary abuse (i.e. posting excessive irrelevant article comments or comments that do not promote healthy discussion).
1 week
2 weeks Multiple minor policy violations. Engaging in pointsgaming or blatant edit warring.

Editors producing questionable edits deemed to be made in bad-faith may be subject to a 2 week block.

Major Violations, first time;
Minor Violations, repeated
1-3 months Repeated policy violations or first-time infraction of a major policy with previous warnings. Violation of FANDOM's Terms of Service or other FANDOM policies (i.e. making death threats); any sort of unquestionable vandalism will be met with a block no shorter than 1 month.
6 months
Severe Violations;
Major Violations, excessive & repeated
1+ years Severe policy violations, including repeated or severe vandalism, premeditated or coordinated vandalism, violation of FANDOM's Terms of Service or other FANDOM policies, account abuse (i.e. spambotting, sockpuppetry, underage), uploading of pornographic or otherwise offensive images.

These blocks are unlikely to be lifted; infinite blocks (vs. indefinite blocks) cannot be contested and any attempt to do so will be disregarded.

Indefinite /

Disputing blocks

Editors who are blocked, with exception to severe violators (see "types of blocks" above), are free to contest or otherwise challenge their block. Blocked editors may tactfully respond to their block message to provide explanation or evidence to potentially shorten or dismiss their block. Blocked editors who abuse this courtesy and instead choose to produce offensive responses will be ignored, their message wall privileges revoked, and their block lengthened by at least 1 week.

Blocked editors who are initially unable to respond to their block message (but did not have their message wall privileges revoked after the initial block) are able to contact their blocking administrator on FANDOM Community Central. Note that you are responsible for all content you post on Community Central, offensive content posted there can result in the editor blocked across all wikis with no further input from this wiki's administrators necessary.

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