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The staff team at the Ro-Ghoul Wiki is full of unique opportunities for users to socialize, grow, discuss all things Ro-Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul, and learn the FANDOM platform, all while keeping the Wiki safe and friendly for all users to enjoy. The users employed on our team volunteer time out of their days to assist other users and to make sure our Wiki is up to our standards. It is a thankless job that sometimes can get the better of us, but the team still continues along, no matter the hardships.

Name Roles Description Date of Employment

Ox Rookbane


Ox Rookbane founded the Wiki and has been editing since the founding of the Wiki. He works on maintaining the staff team and the Wiki. He is the Wiki's representative for the Interwiki Project. Ox Rookbane also does a lot of work behind the scenes with CSS, JS, and more. July 11th, 2018
Wiki Representative This wiki currently has no representative.