The Rules page will thoroughly discuss the rules of the Ro-Ghoul Wiki regarding page conduct, user interactions, punishments, and discussion post conduct. The rules listed here are to be followed without any question whatsoever. It is the user's responsibility to read through them entirely and abide by them at all times.

Granted the Wikia is a creation for a ROBLOX game and may be viewed by ROBLOX users, knowing your ROBLOX chat rules and website rules will be important. They will be used for moderating the Wiki, along with the rest of these rules, unless a conflict between our rules and ROBLOX's community rules exists. This will then be discussed and worked out, then be announced with a Public Announcement.

The rules are always subject to change. There may or may not be any verbal acknowledgment of them by the staff if they are changed. Please, be wary!

Please read the ROBLOX RULES AND COMMUNITY GUIDELINES. These rules will apply.

User conduct

  1. Users, by no means necessary, shall be disrespectful to other users on the Wikia or to the Administrative team on the Wikia.
  2. Swearing is not permitted. As this is a ROBLOX game Wikia, ROBLOX chat rules shall be followed.
  3. Racism in any form will not be tolerated. This includes jokes, racial slurs, derogatory insults/statements, etc.
  4. Harassing or spamming a user's Message Wall or Discussion post is not permitted.
  5. Users that have been banned or moderated shall not be humiliated by other users or publicly humiliated.

Page Conduct

  1. Pages shall not be vandalized whatsoever (See Vandalism Policy)
  2. Pages shall follow the Wiki's Manual of Style
  3. Pages are not to be created for the personal use of Users unless permission has been given by the appropriate Administrator member.
  4. Duplicate pages shall not be created whatsoever. If a page is outdated/already existing, please edit that one. (There shall be no exceptions to this rule unless a page has been heavily vandalized to the point of no return. That'll most likely never occur)
  5. Useless pages about other ROBLOX games, Tokyo Ghoul (not relating to any content inside of Ro-Ghoul), and items that do not relate to the topic of the Ro-Ghoul Wiki are not permitted.

Discussion posts

  1. Discussion posts shall follow all the User conduct rules stated earlier
  2. Discussion posts are to be in English.
  3. Posting inappropriate topics links to other websites not approved by ROBLOX, NSFW photos, or anything that may break User conduct rules or ROBLOX rules are not permitted.
  4. Comments/Replies to Discussion posts shall remain on topic and not stray from what the Original Poster has brought up.
  5. Topics should relate to Ro-Ghoul, as the game itself of the Wikia, or ROBLOX changes/updates (policy or new features).


Depreciated as "Chat" feature has been disabled. Rules will remain logged.

  1. Users participating in the Chat shall follow all the rules previously listed in User conduct.
  2. Do not spam. This means copying and pasting/typing the same message over and over again for multiple lines, spamming nonsensical characters into the chat, or taking up multiple lines in the chat with mini-sentences (usually short, choppy sentences, only to be followed up with another. Please, put everything into one line if you can! Don't let the bulk of the message scare you!)
  3. The chat is English Only.


Blogs are a way for users to discuss and share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions on various topics regarding Ro-Ghoul or Ro-Ghoul Wiki. This is to help encourage a social atmosphere and engage users in a healthy discussion.

Only the Owner and the respectful Administrator for the privilege shall create blog posts that are marked as "News". These updates will notify Wikia Users on Ro-Ghoul Wiki of any changes to important pages, Wikia rules, events, or anything that's seen fit by those users. Their profiles will be marked as such and they'll be personally notified themselves of their privilege.


While we host a page to the Codes for the game "Ro-Ghoul", we do not create or fabricate codes. No one on this Wikia is able to create codes. Anyone begging for codes, either on the Codes page or on an Administrator's page, will be punished accordingly.


The Amendments section will allow users to easily navigate to any changes to the Manual of Style and seek the date the amendment was put into effect.

Amendment 1: Roles of Administrators

The role of an Administrator in the Wikia community is to keep the community safe, informative, and happy for users of all kinds to be able to share their knowledge and lore on the Wikia's topic. Administrators have a list of many abilities they can utilize to perform such tasks. However, such jobs and tasks need to be balanced and kept in check to protect the freedom and environment the Wikia owns.

  1. Administrators shall not touch "under-the-hood" tools an Administrator may own without direct permission from the Owner of the Wikia.
  2. Administrators shall be knowledgeable of the Wikia's rules and be able to comprehend them.
  3. Administrators must be active on the Wikia. Failure to do so can result in reprimanding or demotion.
  4. Any roles given on the Wikia may only be those that Ban or Mute another user.
  5. When warning/punishing a user, the Administrator must create a message on the offending user's Message Wall and clearly write:
    1. The reason for the warning/punishment (what rule did they break? Refer them to the section and number)
    2. Clearly label and describe the punishment being given (if applicable)
    3. Provide evidence through Wikia's "History" logs that may depict of a user's guilt (Copy-pasting is O.K. The logs are there for all to see. If a user has infringed a Chat or Discussion Board rule, please screenshot and provide the link to the screenshot with full availability as proof [Gyazo, Imgur...]).

Amendment 2: Authoritative Action

The owner of the Ro-Ghoul Wiki, Ox Rookbane, has the right to claiming authoritative action on the Wikia. This amendment is to clearly label actions allowed to be done by the Owner.

  1. Anything that is deemed inappropriate or violating, but does not violate any rules listed on our Wikia may be punished at the Owner's discretion. An amendment to the respective category will be created to further outlaw such acts.
  2. The owner has the authority to overrule any punishments and proceed to make them more severe at their will.
  3. Promoting and Demoting any Administrators falls entirely onto the Owner and the decision is made upon their authority. However, other members on the team may be asked for a ruling on the matter. Their opinions are not to be silenced.
  4. Anything that may be deemed acceptable by the Owner may be conducted by their own hands.

Amendment 3: Scamming/Offsite Links

Users are not permitted to advertise or solicit on this Wiki. Asking/begging for anything for free-- such as kagunes/quinques, yen, RC, accounts, etc-- or advertising/soliciting a good or service as such that is not permitted by Admin discretion and ROBLOX rules, is not permitted. Links that direct to off of the FANDOM platform are not permitted unless they are a trusted link/source. Websites such as YouTube, Twitter, ROBLOX, and other websites associated with this Wiki's functions or information and other websites that are approved for ROBLOX are not affected by this rule; however, if links are misleading or lead to inappropriate material not deemed safe or appropriate for this Wiki can result in the punishment of the poster. Users who post comments, pages, blogs, messages, or any other form of media on this Wiki are subject to being removed from the Wiki with no chance of such removal expiring.

Amendment 4: Renamingf Pages

Stop renaming pages. Pages are not to be renamed without permission or without a viable reason. Violators will be considered vandals and will be blocked from the Wiki.

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