SSS Owl is Arima Kishou's strongest quinque. It is also the highest rated quinque in the manga[1]. In Ro-Ghoul, Owl is also the highest rated, the strongest and the most expensive quinque tied with Narukami. ( it has more requirements then it such as eto kills and level.)

This quinque can be used in every range but is recommended to use it in close and medium range. Owl is a quinque that can be used to end a fight quickly due to its abilities and the fact that most of its moves have a large hitbox. 


Despite having a price in Yen, SSS Owl requires more than just Yen to obtain and can't be bought with ROBUX. To obtain, players must:

  • Be Level 1,500 or Higher
  • Have killed Eto (NPC) 25 times


  • This quinque is one of the most expensive and is the highest rated in the game, with a massive price of 500,000,000 Yen and a rating of SSS. It shares the same price with Narukami, but the SSS OWL has requirements of 25 Eto Kills and Level 1,500 And Higher.
  • This is the third item to be added to Ro-Ghoul that is exclusive to the ":re" arc. The first being T-Human and the second being Takizawa.
  • SSS Owl is the main end-game quinque, being the final achievement and the final quinque on a CCG investigator's arsenal.


There is only 1 stage to SSS Owl, but it has two modes: Blade Mode and Ranged Mode.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque.

Blade mode

Keybind Description GIF
Click You swing your quinque, dealing moderate damage with a fast cooldown.
3sowl melee click
E You teleport in front of your enemy and slash them once with your quinque.
3sowl melee e
R You perform a small dash and slash with your quinque. This move can be used on an enemy behind you. If this attack is landed successfully, you will slash your enemy 7 times before throwing them away. If not, you will do a small dash and slash once, similar to a click.
3sowl melee R
F You fire a very large spike wave from your quinque with an insane range. This move also has a huge hitbox, which makes its evasion virtually impossible.
3sowl melee F
C Your quinque turns into ranged mode.
3sowl C

Ranged mode

Keybind Description GIF
Click You shoot several shards with a very long range from your quinque.
3sowl range click
E You fire 7 large shards from your quinque with a long range. On contact with a player/NPC, the shard explodes, dealing massive damage around the target.
3sowl range E
R You fire a huge shard with your quinque which has insane range. On contact with an NPC/player, the shard explodes into multiple other shards, dealing massive damage and damaging anything around the blast.
3sowl range R
F You fire a death-ray like laser with a large torrent of shards with insane range. This move is difficult to dodge due to the large hitbox of the attack. This move can be aimed by adjusting the way your character is facing.
3sowl range F
C Your quinque turns into blade mode.
3sowl C


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