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SSS Owl is Kishou Arima's strongest quinque. It is also the highest rated quinque in the manga[1]. In Ro-Ghoul, SSS Owl is also the highest rated, and the most expensive quinque tied with Narukami.


SSS Owl can only be bought with Yen and can't be bought with Robux.


  • This quinque shares an expensive price tag with Narukami, making it the most expensive weapon in Ro-Ghoul. It also shares its exclusivity to being purchased with Yen-only.
    • Previously a requirement to purchase SSS Owl was to have 25 Eto boss kills alongside the 1500 level requirement. The kill and level requirement has been removed in update 02/16/2021.
  • This is the third item to be added to Ro-Ghoul that is exclusive to the ":re" arc, the first being T-Human and the second being Takizawa.


There is only 1 stage to SSS Owl, but it has two modes: Blade Mode and Ranged Mode.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the Quinque.

Blade Mode

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user swings their quinque, dealing moderate damage with a fast cooldown.
3sowl melee click.gif
E The user teleports in front of their enemy and slashes them once with the quinque, dealing little damage. 3 second cooldown.
3sowl melee e.gif
R The user performs a small dash and slash with their quinque. The attack can be used on an enemy behind you, and if this attack connects to the enemy, the user will slash the enemy seven times before throwing them away, and if not, the user does a small dash and slash once, similar to the click attack. 5 second cooldown. This deals above moderate damage.
3sowl melee R.gif
F The user fires a wave of spikes from their quinque with an insane range. This move also has a huge hitbox, which makes its evasion difficult but not impossible.
3sowl melee F.gif
C The quinque turns into ranged mode.
3sowl C.gif

Ranged Mode

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user shoots several shards from a medium range that fan out from the user. 1.5 second cooldown.
3sowl range click.gif
E The user fires 4 large shards from their quinque from a long range. On contact with an enemy, the shards explode, dealing damage around the target. 3 Second cooldown.
R The user fires a large shard. On contact with a valid target or when reaching its maximum range, the shard explodes into multiple other shards, damaging anything around the blast. 4 second cooldown.
3sowl range R.gif
F The user fires a laser (the laser is aesthetic and only affects the direction you're aiming at) with a large torrent of shards that can go up to a long range. This move is difficult to dodge due to the speed and number of shards from the attack. This move can be aimed by adjusting the way the user is facing or moving. This beam stays for 3.5 seconds. If the user uses the beam from a higher elevation, it will aim downwards. This attack deals high damage.
3sowl range F.gif
C The quinque turns into blade mode.
3sowl C.gif


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