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Page Format

  • Some kagune/quinque pages need a trivia, feel free to share your knowledge about a kagune/quinque by adding one.
  • Some kagune/quinque pages need a better description, and if possible, placing some parts of them in a trivia. Mixing Trivia, Description, and Stages might be troublesome to read.
  • Some pages are too big due to the tables, which makes it quite troubling or a little too crowded for viewing. Pages with 3+ tables need to have the collapsing feature like the Kaneki page and Eto page.
  • Some location pages need better descriptions, information, and images.
  • Ginkui's page needs to be readjusted as the table is too vertical. Consider adding more information to the page or re-arranging the content on the page.

Images and GIFs

  • A better image for C-Katana is needed due to its size which is way too horizontal for an infobox image.
  • Scorpion 1/56 needs better GIFs as the moves are not clearly demonstrated
  • Feel free to share new images to use in infoboxes.
  • Doujima needs new GIFs and images due to recent updates
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