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T-Human was used in the Manga/Anime by Hairu Ihei[1] and resembles a flower with three thin petals. T-Human is a quinque that shoots out condensed RC cells [2] to attack foes. It is shaped almost like a flower, but within the central part of the weapon is a small blade for melee attacks.

This quinque can be used for medium-ranged to up-close combat, however, it is best used at a range. T-Human is a Quinque that relies on being able to hit your target from a distance while also punishing them for wandering too close.


T-Human only has one stage.

Stage 1

This stage is the first and only stage of the quinque.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user makes a basic jabbing or pinching motion with their quinque.
E Fires a ball of energy that travels a medium distance with decent velocity. Targets hit by this projectile are "Marked". This mark boosts the F Move's damage.
R The user leaps and rolls forward a short distance with an energy field, dealing damage to targets they roll through. Using this move grants the user a brief moment of invincibility until the roll is complete.
F After a very brief charge-up time, the user unleashes a powerful beam of energy for a medium distance. The size, range, and damage done by this move depends on the number of charges a user has. Targets hit by this move that has been "Marked" by the E Move take even more damage. Cooldown increases with the more charges used for this move. Resets number of charges upon use. User blocks 66% of damage while this move is active. The beams range, size, and damage can be changed by how many charges you do with C.
C The user takes a very brief moment to charge the weapon, gaining 1 Charge in doing so (Maximum of 4 charges). The amount of charges you do depends on what sound the F will make before the beam


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