Tatara is a Chinese ghoul who was a close subordinate to Eto and a leader of Aogiri Tree[1][2]. Tatara is a bikaku RC-type ghoul with a very unique ability demonstrated in his kakuja form. Tatara is the only known ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul universe that is capable of pseudo-pyrokinesis-- a phenomenon that occurs due to Tatara's RC Cells igniting[3] .


  • In the manga, the emissions from his kakuja's highly concentrated RC Cells ignition can produce flames exceeding 4,000 degrees Celsius, as noted by Akira Mado[3].
  • During Christmas 2018, Tatara's Kakuja wore a Santa hat.


There are 2 stages for Tatara.

Stage 1

This stage sprouts a thick tentacle-like tail which is quite similar to Nishiki's stage 2 kagune.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user jabs their target with their bikaku tail.
E The user whips their kagune tail around and swipes at targets in front of them. Every enemy caught in this move is thrown away.
R The user lunges their kagune outwards as in a pull movement and attracts players caught in the move near you.
F The user runs their kagune through their target, penetrating them, then proceeding to lift the enemy up and slam them to the ground.

Stage 2

The kakuja appeares as a large, muscular, and scaly armor with two large, elongated hammers on the back of the kakuja and a wispy looking tail. The kakuja head is triangular and has a gap in the front of the head that could produce flames. Tatara's kakuja resembled a salamander[3]. When using this stage, the user's dashes cover a greater distance. The block (T) for this stage blocks more damage than the normal block, and its effectiveness will not reduce the more the user is hit.

  • Requirements : 7,500,000 (7,5M) RC Cells & Level 1000 or Higher
Keybinds Description GIF
Click The user uses their two large arms to punch at your target.
E The user unleashes a flurry of fire which creates an area of effect (AoE), damaging targets that stay inside. Any targets caught on fire with the release of the flames catch on fire, taking damage over time for 6 seconds.
R The user brings their two kakuja arms together and punches into the ground, creating a huge ring of fire around them that catches any enemies in the ring on fire and passing in/out of the ring, dealing damage over time for 6 seconds (The fire takes the shape of a smiley face for a brief moment when looked from above).
F The user teleports over a certain distance to grab a target. If a target is grabbed, you ignite your enemy on fire, dealing damage over time for 10 seconds.
C The user ignites themselves on fire. Opponents who come near the user get damaged until they flee. In this state, the user is still able to move, run, dash, and use your moves while activating this skill, but they are unable to regenerate health if hurt until the move is deactivated.


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