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Tatara is a Chinese ghoul who was a close subordinate to Eto and a leader of Aogiri Tree[1][2]. Tatara has a bikaku-type kagune similar to a tail, with a very unique ability demonstrated in his kakuja form. Tatara is the only known ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul universe that is capable of pseudo-pyrokinesis-a phenomenon that occurs due to Tatara's RC Cells igniting[3].


  • In the manga, his kakuja's highly concentrated RC Cells ignition can produce flames exceeding 4,000 °C, as noted by Akira Mado[3]. This would make Tatara's flames capable of melting Tungsten, the element with the highest melting point at 3,422 °C
  • During Christmas 2018, Tatara's Kakuja wore a Santa hat.


There are 2 stages for the Tatara Kagune, one being an extensively long Bikaku, and the other a body enveloping Kakuja.

Stage 1

This stage sprouts a thick tail which is quite similar to Nishiki's stage 2 kagune.

Keybind Description GIF
Click The user jabs their target with their kagune.
E The user whips their kagune around at targets in front of them. Any enemy caught in this move is knocked backwards.
R The user lunges their kagune outwards, forcing in-range players caught in the move to be pulled closer to the user.
F The user pierces their kagune underneath their target, then proceeds to lift the target up and slam them back into the ground dealing moderate damage.

Stage 2

The kakuja is a large, muscular, and scaly body with two large, elongated hammers on the back with wispy bands floating around all 4 upper arms and joining at the neck. The kakuja head is triangular, with a gap in the front of the head that can produce flames, which cannot be blocked. When using this stage, the user's dashes are 75% farther. The block (T) for this stage blocks 85% of incoming damage (compared to the normal block's 66%) and does not diminish.

  • Requirements : 7,500,000 (7.5M) RC Cells & Level 1000+
Keybinds Description GIF
Click The user uses their two large arms to punch at their target in alternation dealing moderate damage.
E The user holds down the E key to spew fire that will increase in range and width per wave, and the move ends on the fifth wave or whenever you release. You can jump over the attack.
R The user engulfs themself in fire, then slams the Kakuja arms together and produces a large ring of fire around them that spreads towards the center. You can jump over the attack.
F After a short and interruptible charge, the user slams the ground at the end of the charge, stunning targets in the radius unless they blocked the slam. After a brief delay, the user punches in a direction they choose, launching the stunned targets. However, if your slam has no stunned targets then the punch will be cancelled.


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