• Hello, Sitb, and good day to you!

    I was wondering if it was possible to somehow incorporate a filter that prevents comments/edits from being posted when they contain certain words. The obvious being inappropriate words. How would I go along with doing such? I'm starting to get a bit peeved at the amount of users using inappropriate language towards others. Your response would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Rookbane, Wiki Owner 15:04, September 5, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Hi Ox,

      There is a restricted extension called Abuse Filter which serves that purpose. However, it can only be enabled on a wiki by requesting it via Special:Contact (Changes to a Wiki > I want a feature or extension turned on), and you must demonstrate there is an urgent and current need for it on the wiki. If you choose to submit a request, I would recommend including as many examples of the profanity/abuse you have found as possible, to justify having it enabled.
      - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 18:00, September 5, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Huh, okay. I'll start amassing what comes through then instead of immediately deleting. Wish it was open in general, but I could probably guess a few reasons why it's a closed feature. Thank you for responding!

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    • You can continue to delete inappropriate comments. Fandom staff have access to wiki deletion logs, just like local administrators. So, if you provide links to the deleted content (or the profiles of users who made them), staff will still be able to see the extent of the vandalism. That way, the users of the wiki don't have to see that stuff while you're gathering a list together.
      - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 09:48, September 6, 2019 (UTC)

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    • One of my fellow wiki managers, Jr Mime, has offered to help with the Abuse Filter extension once you have it approved for use here. Feel free to contact them if you have specific questions about it, as they have extensive experience dealing with vandalism and other spam across Fandom.
      - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 12:58, September 6, 2019 (UTC)

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    • It'll probably be easier to go forward and collect what I see and log it then delete instead of going back and checking. Thank you for sharing!

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