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One of the four starter kagunes, Touka is built for close to mid-range combat, with an ability to shoot crystallized shards which can attack enemies from a distance. It can also be used in close range combat with its other moves too. Ukaku is a hit and run type of attack class as its attacks are for running and hitting.

Touka Kirishima is one of the notable ghouls that possesses an Ukaku kagune. It can be crystallized and de-crystallized at will.


  • The Aogiri NPCs in-game can also possess this kagune.
  • Touka is the final starter kagune to be reworked.


There is only one stage to Touka.

Stage 1

A pair of wings sprout from the back of the user, with one of them being significantly larger than the other. When uncrystallized, the wing flutters at a fast rate. When crystallized, the wings stand still.

  • Passive:
    • Stamina Bar: The user has a stamina bar that controls the rate of fire of the Click move. The more the user spams the Click move, the slower the stamina bar recharges.
Keybind Description Cooldown GIF
Click The user shoots a small cluster of shards in the direction their camera is facing. Each attack consumes the stamina bar. The more the user spams the move, the slower the stamina bar recharges. The stamina bar must be full to attack. When in crystallized form, the shards have a 25% faster velocity. Varies Uncrystallized Crystallized
E The user lunges forward and stabs with their large, uncrystallized wing. If the kagune is crystallized, this move will uncrystallize it. 1.5 seconds ReTouka E.gif
R The user dashes forwards and spins as they attack with their large, uncrystallized wing. Entities hit by the move are knocked back. If the kagune is crystallized, this move will uncrystallize it. This move is aimed in the direction the user's camera is facing 2.0 seconds ReTouka R.gif
F The user fires a four clusters of shards with their large, crystallized wing in the direction their camera is facing. If the kagune is uncrystallized, this move will crystallize it. 2.0 seconds ReTouka F.gif
C The user crystallizes/uncrystallizes their kagune. N/A ReTouka C.gif


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