• I live in Stalker much?
  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Habilitative specialist, pencil artist, and writer
  • I am Male

  • Sup, I'm Bleiz_Sama (Bleiz_Sama in Ro-Ghoul) where I play Ghoul and CCG as often as I can.
  • I am a Eto main by heart, but have used every kagune and quinque as of today. However, my ghoul will not change it's primary kagune, that of which is Eto. I however will continue getting quinque's to test them out and see how they work.
  • As of all I am comfortable sharing of my real life age, I am, as of the year 2019, 18.

About BleizSama

I am a fairly decent player in Ro-Ghoul and other games I will not list outside of Ro-Ghoul as to avoid seeming like I'm advertising them. Anyways if you ever do meet me in Ro-Ghoul I am a fairly relaxed player and tend to server hop A LOT to find someone to fight or a server that isn't toxic/has people who actually talk.

If you do see me in the wild don't be afraid to come up and talk to me. I won't bite (get the pun seeing what my ghoul's Kagune is?) and usually won't KOS anyone I see. I tend to be the one editor of the wiki that I'm sure no one knows except maybe ComedyFury.

What I mainly do on the wiki? I'm the guy who tries to spice up descriptions of Kagunes or Quinques. I enjoy doing it cause I want to highlight almost every detail of whatever page I work on. Although I do love doing detail jobs on attacks it seems they end up vanishing in the end and reverting back to rather bland and basic descriptions, so I don't detail attacks anymore.

I'm also the editor that got a lot of the masks for the masks page as well as finding the groups that have these masks. Though finding certain Kakujas and their masks are difficult and some do result in death, it's all in a days work for a good mask photo!

If by chance the PFP didn't give it away I am what the gaming community fears: a furry. I know your probably gonna run for the hills, have a with hunt, or something else.... But oh well. I'm apathetic so go ahead if you want.

Combat Experience

In combat I'm fairly predictable at times but also vary my movements. I can go from seeming to try and attack you with just range to full out aggression and not letting you breathe. I am well versed with Eto's current in game kakujas as well as Hinami and Noro.

I'd list EVERY kagune and Quinque I used like Comedy but I've used them all essentially and learned their basic flaws and strengths. I'd say I'm an avid researcher of every kagune and quinque in the game but some players surprise me with how they use their CCG or Ghoul.

Wikia Experience

Regarding my knowledge of Fandom Wikia as a whole... Very little. I can't create elaborate wiki pages like Ox or Comedy or even a custom info box template. I do however have experience in navigating the place and adding info someone may overlook, forgot to add, or just a little details to spice up a post.

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