aka Thalles Ferraz

  • I live in City: Santo Antônio de Pádua //// State: Rio de Janeiro //// Country: Brazil
  • I was born on April 8
  • My occupation is Student of Computer Sciences, at a Universitary College (and yes, i still play roblox, i dont care ok)
  • I am Male

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Very cool and OP 360 attack :)

I'm a Eto user who like to play for fun, my current kagune is Eto1 and i'm quite a casual player, i like my kagune though because its kakuja level, but i will try to farm enough RC to get Etok1

Btw always believe yourself :)


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MAXTERY's player information:


You expected a normal profile pic, but it was me, XxMAXTERYxX


> Mask Name: "M.A.X" The Hit Killer

> Main Side: Ghoul

> Level: Above 1200 (1207 when i wrote this)

> Rank: Above S+ Rated

> Faction (Group): Aogiri Tree

> Main Enemy Faction (Group): The Commission of Counter Ghoul

> Main Basement (Favourite Farming Location): Hidden NPC Spawn Behind Anteiku

> Reputation: Above 250.000

> Focus Build Type: Balanced-Tank (55% Durability | 45% Kagune Damage)

> Kagune Damage: Very Good

> Defense: Good

> Speed and Agility: Maximum (200 spd | 100 phy)

> Physical Damage: Low

> Current Kagune: Eto

> Previous Kagune: Kosshi

> Kagune Quality: Top (First Stage is stronger than a kaneki kakuja)

> Top 3 Favorite High Rank Kagunes: 1-Eto, 2-Noro, 3-Takizawa

> Top 3 Favorite Cheap Kagunes: 1-Touka, 2-Hinami, 3-Nishiki

> Favorite Kagune Stage: Etok3

> In-Combat Range Style: Medium to Very High

> In-Combat Skills and Experience: Good

> Threat Level: Neutral

> Money (Yen) Amount: Above Millionaire

> RC Amount: Average


a gif hehe

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