aka Mr. K

  • I live in Texas, US
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Music Artist, Otaku(barely), Programmer
  • I am Male

Some About Me:

My Roblox username is CatCatcher2000, my nickname is Mr. K, and I don't go on Roblox often. I watch some anime, mainly Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul:re, Attack on Titan, and Boku no Hero Academia. I am Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, a bit of English, and barely Irish. I enjoy canoeing, cooking(badly), and, obviously, playing video games. I play a bunch, so here is a list. [My CCG pic is outdated, I have Demon Yamada and Proto-Arata B4]

  • Roblox(duh)
  • Attack on Titan 2
  • CrossCode
  • SAO: Fatal Bullet
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory
  • Portal, Portal 2
  • Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and its episodes
  • Undertale and Deltarune

History of Ro-Ghoul:

I started playing Ro-Ghoul when centipede was first released, as the first kakuja. I had heard about it from Flamingo, a popular Roblox youtuber. I had kaneki, and the codes helped me level a bunch. When I finally wanted to get centipede, I grinded for a week or two and finally got it. Back then, I was the standard for pro. I was amazingly good at the game. I don't remember my alias, but it had something to do with stripes, since I had the horizontal stripes mask. I ran around, RKing people, and you can't forget who helped me get there. I had a friend, MasterAbbyjayboy. He's a really unpopular youtuber, and he has gotten a new account now, but I couldn't have gotten there without him. I decided to buy Eto, with robux, and I was even more of a killing machine. Eventually, the standard grew, and I wasn't very much of a pro anymore, but I was still good. I got Noro with Yen and wasted my RC, (I still think that was a horrible decision), when it came out. I grinded on my VIP server with my friends on it. Eventaully, Jason came out at about 2:30 AM, (2:30 in French time), and I was one of the first players to get it. After a week of grinding, I finally got Jason, and it was fun to throw people around. And then, I got bored of Jason, and I decided to go back to Eto, with Yen. So, in a public server, I went to change my kagune. There was a new player there, and I decided to put some of my Yen to use and show of, buying 5 different kagunes, showing them to him, then getting Eto. Later, I did a huge swap between Eto, Noro, Touka, and Tsukiyama, but Tsukiyama is what I have now. I like the nice dashing movements that go along with it. Well, that is my history in Ro-Ghoul.

Kagunes I Have Bought Quinques I Have Bought
Kaneki(Starter) C-Katana(Starter)
Eto Eyepatch
Noro Doujima
Jason Demon Yamada
Eto Narukami(Planning)
Tsukiyama N/A
Kosshi(Planning) N/A

Special Moments in Ro-Ghoul:

  • When I first got KenK1, the first, my first, and back then, the only kakuja. I felt so happy after a week of constant grinding to have a shaking screen, a giant centipede, and a level 150 OP pro. Today's players might not think thats OP, but back then, it was.
  • When I first showed Ro-Ghoul to my cousin, it was really fun. I showed him around the map, I told him to look out for stage 1 Nishiki. I feel so embarrassed now, they were even weaker than me but I was afraid of them.

Thanks for getting down here! If you want something, or have any questions, send me something on my message wall!

For now, here are some memes I made. Looks like Comedy has some meme making company.
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